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Expert delibrate hands in term of term of culture of the China in flowing to tra
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A few days ago, application of character of language of Ministry of Education runs department to sit a meeting, delibrate makes the interpreter issue of term of term of culture of the China in flowing external.

How is particular culture distinguishing feature withheld as far as possible when term of China culture term is translated into the foreign language, often be worth the problem that take seriously in the dispute in Chinese and China culture transmission. National signal appoint Wang Dengfeng of director of department of government of application of character of language of vice director, Ministry of Education points out, the use of the language is the expression of heart of self-confidence of state sovereignty, nation. Chinese suffers as the carrier of China culture constitution and " law of character of national universal language " the protection that waits for law. The interpreter of term of China culture term answers to be given priority to with me, is not to go sedulous and fawn on others.

Personnel attending the meeting thinks consistently, should the will most adjacent at perfect expression, as the basic standard that use foreign language free translation or transliterates with Chinese Phonetic Alphabet; Want to be given priority to with free translation usually, transliteration is complementary, at the same time language of give attention to two or morethings forms the principle of the established by usage in the process; The concept with Chinese language or Chinese culture peculiar place and phenomenon, free translation hind lost original culture sense really, should use transliteration.

Scholar of expert attending the meeting points out, answer to produce academic power actively below the organization of concerned government sector, to Chinese vocabulary interpreter circumstance undertakes collection, arrange, write substantival term to unite interpreter dictionary and manual of transliteration of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, have standard guiding effect to the interpreter of term of China culture term. In the meantime, of the dictionary compilatory can consider a network online wait for means, in order to make its have greater economic value, more accept for masses place easily, strengthen the force that travels external. Want to translate the term in China tradition culture reliably into foreign language, pay attention to education even one has professional knowledge already, know culture of foreign language word again, the term that still has certain terminological knowledge translates talent team.

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