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The expert is directive: Think of talk about an interpreter if really
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Translate unlike forge iron, ropedancing, bridging; Those 3 should learn to just can work. And the interpreter is not such however. Everybody can say he meets an interpreter, actually not certain; Know a bit foreign language a little, can feel oneself meet an interpreter; A little interpret passes 9 books, can become aware get from personal interpret is very good, actually not certain. General interpreter cannot reach level, because a lot of translator does not have recognize,also be this is a quite special issue.
Brillant translator is not charmer, he suffering thinks a can hardworking ——— , suffering searchs, change frequently, quite, experiment, compassionate not at all to oneself.
The interpreter is creation, it is another kind of creation at least, besides do not want overall arrangement, conception, one word, want to create, and very difficult, because do not have freedom. Writer and those who know foreign language, it is ideal interpreter talented person.
You think interpret is gotten brillant, follow oneself to learn only. Write Chinese first, whatever meaning can be conveyed roughly; Understand English, can use reference book. Next much intention interpret, change more, try more, think more, take care more. Do not think oneself had been blown blow cried. Always top-ranking translator, it is to feel constantly can find no way out, the person that changes arduously.
We are manacled very easily by foreign language, be bound closely, with respect to the idea that can forget oneself, view, follow the word word watch of foreign language. We look for proper translation, resemble playing hide-and-seek. Most translator is disinclined to search, illuminate textual literal interpret, the reader does not understand, read come comfortable, they no matter, translating foreign language anyway is. It is minority admits not to agree really only careless, they want translation interpret to must resemble Chinese, want a reader to read rise comfortable.
The interpreter's thing mentions the opinion that will have each each. Nevertheless I see home of latter-day name interpret and interpret learn a saying word to have collective place. It is translation wants clear and coherent, need not nail to death textual. Add when necessary add, the augment of this augment, the cutout of this cutout, do not give textual bind dead. Should use with what envisage envisage, need not terrible censure, say textual such not saying. Translator is due courage decides, carry instantly to come.
Good translation is stuck textually very close, very closely associated with each other, and translation lucid and smooth as origianl work, this is a hard thing, there also should be bit of book in abdomen, still have creation power and fancy.
Translate this thing to be done without the bottom, good OK still good; Return accurately OK and accurate; apt OK still apter. Almost everybody cannot say, the country that his translation can hang the door, do not have a person to be able to change one word. My with great concentration thinks, literal deliberate, always can change weller to read a bit, understand easily a bit, more adjacent and a bit more textual, find better Chinese; As it happens is OK also like others the such criticism, translated text that revises me, so although everybody's interpret is made, I also can offer different interpret way.
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