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Interpreter home Shaboli writes civil: The history that cannot forget
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Those shameless person clamour on international should slander Chinese sound sounds at any cost hold out familiar to the ear. They claim to want to take “ freedom and democratic ” to Tibet.

This can'ts help letting me answer recall to come, the name that kept 1997 in me is " my China " in one book, I live this matter via discussing already.

My place “ cites of ” is the earliest see at the west " my China " one book (rise from 189 pages) , that was 2000 the English origianl work that publishs by foreign language bureau“
One of a series of books of smooth ” series, also see 2000 new York is published " I choose China " the share that one book has from 143 pages. Allow me to cite as follows please:

“1959 year March, partial noble of Tibet and amount to bilk lama group to start revolting.

“ Tibet is one part of China since a lot of centuries. Although its contain has mineral products and metallic resource, but it is located in Qinghai-Tibet Platean, carry special difficulty, never had extracted so. The Indian crosses border, station of a few commerce was created in Tibet, a bit business is done over.

Alive Ji Zhi hands in “ Englishman to ever sent an expedition army occupational Lhasa, built sphere of influence, continue to maintain this one sphere of influence through India later, till till October 1951 the the Chinese People's Liberation Army enters Tibet.

Everything puts in noble and Lama 's charge over there “ all. Common people is slave and Helot, their life state enough makes mediaeval Europe looks resembling is illuminative times.

“ wants only make ‘ law ’ , can be dug up eye, cut hand and foot, lashing is common occurrence more. Person skin is used make bosomy range, cranium is set on silver is held in the palm when the bowl, this is very general in superstratum Lama. Maiden femoral allegedly can the law order with best make it, use at ritual.

“ Beijing tries to urge the reform that undertakes progress step by step, but without interpose place government, also did not move the ownership of big land owner. And abbe do not satisfy with the noble. They collude with Englishman, American, Indian and Kuomintang spy, started 1959 revolting. Revolting by rapid calm down.

“ is revolting person escape Tibet. Just begin at that time land reform, begin late, through helping each other group and cooperation phase also compare the throughout the country elsewhere slow. Tibet has the municipal government of itself today.

“ happened 1959 revolting when, the west loses ‘ freedom with democratic ’ big hair to the Tibetan person of poverty-stricken crocodile tears. I had seen on exhibition of Beijing such a few belong to Dalaiji's round item on display, include the person skin of denude of a piece of elaborately, complete also go up in its to the finger tip that join a hand, dedication gives lamasery the deities in this. It is mawkish. ”
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