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French fastens Dr. Tian Baorong to make chair of learning of interpreter special
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On October 15 afternoon, the institute grooms the center is in muti_function small office held what fasten give a lecture of Dr. Tian Baorong by French " the interpreter is how to answer thing —— to hold concurrently believe by “ , amount to, elegant ” " academic lecture, more than 280 teacher attended the college this lecture.

Dr. Tian Baorong translated a bound to be made to the problem that appears in the interpreter above all elaborate, point out interpret is made then must abide by “ letter, amount to, the criterion of elegant ” , accomplish translation sentence sentence should accord with logic, fair and reasonable, authentic. His interpreter with a few famous interpreter work is classical the statement is exemple, combine oneself to carry out gains experience through old interpreter, the key was told about how to just can be translated piece accord with “ letter, amount to, the interpret of elegant ” is made, point out work of a literature is become by interpret after the interpret of another kind of language and culture is made, must believe, amount to, elegant the aesthetic value that has ability to reproduce original work.

Dr. Tian Baorong passes the experience that he translates practice to obtain for years and gain lecture and be present the teacher is shared together, the capacity that increases oneself in the interpreter education henceforth and practice to teachers and water equality all have bigger enlightenment and help.


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