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Deepen money big characteristic of lecture of learning of series of the phylum o
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To deepen my school 50 years connotation of anniversary of the founding of a school, strengthen course construction further, build good academic atmosphere, breed outstanding compound model talent, the phylum outside the College of the Humanities is built around course of key of English language literature, in the near future (on September 19, 23 days, 24 days) held the academic chair with 3 bright characteristic successfully. 3 experts of the lecture are respectively south open university interpreter to learn degree of doctoral student adviser, the State Council to do MTI to coach English-Chinese language of committee committee member, China compares seminar vice-chairman Wang Hong to imprint professor, china publishs company vise general manager, China to translate association deputy secretary-general to evaginate interpret Ms. Gu Yanli and vice-chairman of Chinese interpreter association, former in the center of compile bureau deputy director general Mr Yin Chengdong.

3 experts develop with “ course respectively and the progress of economy of ” of education of scientific research ability, “ and ” of demand of foreign language talent, interpreter ” that how does a qualification with “ gives priority to a problem, the interpreter with the history that combines our country to translate a career to develop, current situation and expert old oneself carries out experience, how to lay academic family foundation with respect to “ , in practice setting of globalization of ” of ability of development scientific research, “ , internationalization falls, the market is right foreign language talent, the demand current situation that translates a talent especially and future look into ” , and the problem such as the quality ” of “ interpreter career and translator undertook incisive analysis, discuss and look into, answered the of all kinds and pertinent question that teachers and students raise.

The main audience of this series lecture is the partial teacher that the foreign language fastens, graduate student and undergraduate students. Clingy course builds the theme of the lecture, those who pay close attention to a student grow with education, it is the core problem that the foreign language fastens broad teachers and students to care generally, got welcome ardently and agree of attendant teachers and students consequently reputably. Everybody thinks, the lecture is helpful for creating a foreign language to fasten good academic atmosphere not only, increase teachers and students' study and scientific research enthusiasm, and be helpful for promoting the long-term cooperation between the extensive communication between the college and school look forward to, benefit a lot consequently, hope to still can have more and similar study opportunity very, can let everybody and master degree person 0 distances contact. The lecture teachs director of the phylum outside mixing Professor Wen Xiuying to chair by Sun Jiancheng of dean of College of the Humanities, got be led related school support energetically, during the activity, gao Zhengping vice-president and Ding Wei's secretary interviewed Mr Yin Chengdong and Ms. Gu Yanli to undertake talk kindly with them.
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