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Study interpreter learns a kind of special thinking -- Professor Liu Heping come
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Should the Office of Science and Technology, invitation that translates an institute, leader of course of major of interpreter of Beijing language university Professor Liu Heping sojourned on June 3 2 outside, in begging is hall made a problem be “ oral interpretation, ponder over the academic lecture with practice ” . The lecture is barked by interpreter college assistant dean Professor Fu Xiang is chaired, the teachers and students that comes from complete courtyard represents listen respectfully this lecture.

The lecture is main around bilingual the difference with mode of only sign thinking, the introduction analysed interpreter thinking characteristic and study method, explained training to translate the concern that skill and language raise and method at the same time.

Professor Liu presses time order above all, told about oral interpretation to study course for classmates. Rise the fifties from 20 centuries up to now, the research of interpret of speak or sing alternately can be divided roughly for 3 phase. 20 centuries the fifties is the first phase, this one period is main the research that dispute has side of a few oral interpretation from personnel of course of study, its treatise also reviews for introspective type more and sum up, lack theory; 60 time come to go out seventies is the 2nd phase, the investigator of this one phase is more from personnel of course of study, and commentate meaning theory is built. 80 time metaphase is the 3rd phase, this one phase is the phase that oral interpretation studies to revive, learn the blame such as the expert to begin to study together from personnel of course of study from personnel of course of study and acknowledge. Commentate meaning theory sufferred doubt, the occurrence of energy allocation mode is right commentate meaning theory undertook develop and complementing.
After introducing oral interpretation to study course, liu Jiao awards the oral interpretation of the new trend that told about oral interpretation for classmates again and China to consider. Face the development of new science and technology, oral interpretation also appeared subsequently agency, medical treatment, law more meticulous differentiate; The part of dragoman also produces change, it is an interpreter merely no longer, hold several duty concurrently possibly also personally. Be in current China, the current situation that oral interpretation studies is personnel amount little, the level is insufficient.
Back-to-back, professor Liu practices letting us cut one of core problems that the feeling that cut the ground got oral interpretation studies really through a few interesting interpreters. What is the similarities and differences of “ only sign and characteristic of bilingual changeover thinking? Of ”—— thinking mode different, the itself of form of language of information and rather than that using what obedient person pays close attention to when mother tongue communication is talking person, be not information with the form that what obedient person pays close attention to when two kinds of languages is a language.
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