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"Administer region different meanings and interpreter " academic lecture is held
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On October 16 afternoon, foreign language institute just establishs a professor to be in advocate the academic chair that the building made a problem be different meanings of “ administer region and interpreter ” for my school teachers and students, graduate student and partial teacher attended a lecture.

Fang Li teachs the sentence that gets dispute quite in interpret bound with to be opening remarks, inspire classmate development to ponder. administer region different meanings subsequently cent is a certain number of planting circumstance, undertake explaining with succinct logistic formula and incisive language, guide everybody to enter administer region different meanings stage by stage this vast space, make everybody has the knowledge of a comprehensive clarity rightly. In make clear after a series of problems, fang Li teachs the problem when turning the topic to begin again, let classmates solve this one difficult problem by oneself.

Widened eye shot not only through this lecture classmates, and benefit quite abundant, raised oneself to be opposite the different meanings in the interpreter sentence understanding. Whole lecture content is compact and be full of edificatory, classmates just are stood to teach broad and profound knowledge and development brief the style place that give is convinced.

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