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Chinese interpret assist key of job of discussion near future of conferences of
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On September 12, 2008, chinese interpret assist conferences of 5 9 standing chairman are held in bureau of Chinese foreign language, the conference grows Liu Xiliang to chair by Chinese interpret association. Zhao Changqian of the first standing vice-chairman, sound of standing vice-chairman Tang Wen, Guo Xiaoyong, Shi Yanhua, Ren Jisheng, vice-chairman holds secretary-general Huang Youyi concurrently to attend the meeting.

The conference listened to Jiang Yonggang of standing deputy secretary-general to translate congress to hold the report of the circumstance about the 18th world above all. The success that leader attending the meeting translates congress to the 18th world is held give height the opinion, the good luck that asks secretariat uses congress to offer accelerates the development that advances interpreter career.

The conference is discussed and discussed international to translate day activity plan, " China translates almanac 2007 ~ 2008 " the editor that coil publishs the 2nd working arrangement, China International to translate industrial forum to prepare the job to wait for job of near future key, discuss and passed establish Chinese interpret assist the resolution of seminar of day of the interpret in transmitting committee external.

Finally, the conference decides next year in October bottom or Chinese interpret is held in Beijing at the beginning of November assist congress of the 6th member, ask secretariat starts concerned preparation work as soon as possible. Leader attending the meeting is be expert at to association still the job of the respect such as service of research of industry government, learning, member raised specific requirement, emphasizing finishing association job focal point one year is strengthen Wu of industry government kimono.

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