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Translation and Translation Theory and Practice of Teaching International Acade
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October 17 to 18, by the Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute and the Translators Association of China jointly organized the "Translation Theory and Practice of International Symposium on Teaching and Translation," in Beijing. China-Japan Friendship Association Vice President, Honorary Member of the Translators Association of China, Wang Hsiao-Yin, the former director of the Foreign Ministry of Translation and Interpretation, executive vice president of the Translators Association of China, Shi Yanhua, president of Beijing International Studies University Week Lie, China Translation Association Council Deputy Secretary-General Jiang Yonggang, Minister Embassy of Japan Kazuo Yamada weight, the International League of Translators (FIT) Training Committee Chairman, Dean of College of Translation, University of Geneva Hannelore Lee-jahnke (Anna Luo? Li Yang g) Nearly three hundred professors and other domestic and simultaneous interpretation and translation experts and scholars attended the seminar. The conference includes the "Fourth International Conference on Teaching Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation |", "Third National Conference in Applied Translation |" and "The Second National Tourism and Culture, Creativity (Multilingual) Translation Workshop" Three thematic sessions. Also held interpretation of the Second National University Invitational. Three meetings held simultaneously, all-round display and reflect the current domestic situation of teaching and research translation. This innovative concept of academic organizations And organizational forms, can be fully integrated and effective use of academic resources in order to guide participants to multi-view, in-depth study on the quest to promote the translation and the translation of Discipline way. Thematic focus on Chinese and foreign scholars were simultaneous interpretation and translation teaching, translation and application of cultural and creative tourism in multilingual translation, translation of such topics as personnel training, through keynote speeches, seminars, dialogues, salon, etc. Carried out in-depth discussion in various forms. Many scholars will be combined in the 2010 Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo will be held in the translation, for a useful discussion. Participants generally agreed that, with the global one Of the arrival of growing ties between countries, cross-cultural communication has permeated all aspects of human life. Political, economic, cultural and other fields to go in the event of tremendous change and this world will inevitably change communication Pass the bridge an important impact on translation. In this case, the need to translate Gong Zuozhe not legalistic, but to the times, in the tradition and innovation to find a meeting point between the actively carry out research and academic exchange translation , Focus on team building training translators, translation teaching and is known as the ivory tower, known as simultaneous translation out of the ivory tower, more for social services. Translators Association of China, Deputy Secretary-General told reporters mining Jiang Yonggang Visit said that the country now has more than 3,000 translation companies, translation company registered in Beijing, there are more than 300, there are nearly 60 million people engaged in translation work, but the real professional titles but there are 4 million people. With the cross-cultural exchange Flow becoming more frequent, the demand for translators present rigid requirements, but the translation as an industry, not very sound, there are many problems the translation market. Through this conference, we hope to appeal to the professional translation market , Professional, market-oriented, skill oriented, through discussion and find a suitable translation of talent and ways to market needs.
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