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Step followed the translator Yan Fu: Wu name should not be forgotten Light Cons
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1877, Yan Fu, who was sent to the United Kingdom, specifically learning to drive warship technology. At first, they hold Shi Mude schools in the English-based preparatory training, and then entered the famous Green Leibniz Naval Academy Navy Knowledge learning system. Yan cherish the hard-won education opportunities, to study advanced mathematics, chemistry, physics, naval tactics, naval guns, law, and all camp, and eventually made "out of the examination repeated superior" on their achievements. Yan suddenly went abroad to study so eye-opening, combined with early training on domestic ships experience, Yan began to think about whether China should learn what it takes to go to Western strength and prosperity. Therefore, he did not just limited to Jianchuanzhishi learning, but gradually the social organization of the United Kingdom and various bourgeois society had a strong interest in political theory. He was out of school to watch the trial court, into the House to listen to the debate, to observe the grassroots neighborhood social organization, and the students visit with factories, schools, shops, museums, etc., in short, take every opportunity to have extensive contacts with Yan of British society, efforts to "On seeing the world." In the books he read there, the Western academic works of social science theory share is also growing. Adam Smith, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Mill, Darwin, Huxley, Spencer, who works, he studied under before. Philosophy, economics, political science, sociology of knowledge across disciplines continue to enrich the minds of Yen Fu, who is also the process of reading and learning, and gradually have been thinking very hard for their own long-standing problem to find the answer. In 1879, Fuzhou, Arsenal need for teachers, Yan Fu was transferred back to China, as the school teacher. 1880, Yan has been transferred to Tianjin, Li Ren Northern Naval Academy, founded by the total teacher for 20 years beginning his coaching career. Although the total run time for the Wu Zhongxiang school, but the actual work by Yan commitment. As a result of formal naval education, research over the Western social science theory and doctrine, so Yan Fu in the school process, boldly draw Britain and France and other countries of similar schools, successful experience of the education system, curriculum and teaching have made detailed provisions . He is extremely focused combination of classroom teaching and practice, whether driving or tube round professional, students must practice into the plant or on board. His assessment of students is very strict, students only class examinations, will be allowed on board. Yan Fu school to master the latest technology as the goal, so keep sending students to Britain, France and other countries to study, to accept the more advanced professional training. Northern Naval College at the helm of the Senate at the same time, Yan adhere to the system to read the works of Western social science, and writing in a lot of translation work. As to China, introduced a large number of Western philosophy of social science knowledge, Yan deserved to be a systematic introduction of modern China's first Western person. Yan has published a translation of Huxley's "Evolution and Ethics" ("Evolution and Ethics"), Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" ("Wealth of Nations"), Spencer's "group learning Yi Yan" ( "Sociology of Law"), John Stuart Mill's "On the group has the right circles" ("Freedom") and "Muller Logic", Jenks's "interpretation of Society" ("A Brief History of social evolution" ), Montesquieu's "Law" and yeah Defense of the "Logic Light said," and so on. As a result, western sociology, economics, law, logic, philosophy and social science knowledge, such as access to China. Yan Fu's translation often has a strong reality, whether asked or editor's note, are permeated with the spirit of exploration to the source of scholarship and a deep understand of Chinese society. In that Liang described as "knowledge hungry", and Yan Fu's translation is refreshing, he tried to lead people to set his sights on Britain, France and other countries, "ships and armament" behind, to see these countries a strong social reasons to explore its rich cultural connotation. He described the evolution theory of the traditional old school "days the same, also the same road" point of view have severe attacks, "natural selection, survival of the fittest" is accepted. To "Evolution and Ethics" for example, from translation to publication of this book just experienced a high period of the Reform Movement (1895-1898 years), once available, would rise to intellectual sensation. Liang in "Evolution and Ethics" to be publicized prior to publication, Kang also called "" Evolution and Ethics "by China's first Western." In 1898, the book was published, some school teachers tend to "natural selection, survival of the fittest" as the essay topic, young people are even more eager to read, love it. Lu recalls his time, "Evolution and Ethics" when the situation: not only that the book "well-written text" and "breath read on, 'natural selection' came out, Suge La section (bottom) , Plato came out. " Yan Fu, together with the theory of evolution propagated the spirit of scientific rationality and democratic thinking not only affects the Hundred Days Reform movement, but also those who seek salvation on the later activities of the truth had a profound impact. No wonder Fu Lu Xun praised as "a keen sense of 19th century China person." In addition to coaching the Northern Naval College, translations of Western academic works, but Yan is still "direct reporting" and founded his own "national news report" published numerous commentaries on current affairs. Among them, the more famous ones are "urgent of the Change of World," "the original strong" and "provision of Korea", "Salvation decision theory" to disseminate the Reformation Movement, the idea of national salvation. Later, he also served as long, and Peking University Fudan Public School Principals. With Western and secondary schools on a more comprehensive understanding of, and engaged in education and translation, Yan had been hoped "drum manpower and open people's wisdom, Xinmin Germany", the Chinese took to the road of prosperity. Chen Baochen said in Yan Fu's epitaph: "nothing is glimpse at the school, give foreign government operation doctrine, Mibu Ultimate whole story, Jue its gains and losses proved and will pass it. Six years to treat the West and scholars, not the ratio is . " In Yan Fu in the culture of the many outstanding talents, Wu Guangjian name should not be forgotten. Because he and Yan both for teachers and students, but also with the well-known translator. Wu light construction (1867-1943) is Xinhui, Guangdong, the 19th century in his 80s to study the Northern Naval College, studied under Yan, received a very strict language and professional training. After graduation, he was sent to the British Royal Naval College Greenwich Postgraduate five years, the systematic study of the mathematics, physics, astronomy, knowledge, and learn European and American literature. After returning home, Wu light built to teach the Northern Naval Academy, and began to study Chinese literature, history, philosophy and other aspects of learning. 1905, set Ze Wu light build with others to Western Europe and the United States to study Western constitutional government, politics and culture of the West have more understanding. After returning home, he gradually prepared the physics, chemistry, English and other subjects of the textbooks, such as "Empire in English reading" (five volumes), "Outline of the English Fan", "Dictionary of English Idioms", "summary of Western History" (two volumes) and so on, the former two also became the Faculty of approval of the textbooks. Years of student life and strict construction of professional training so that Wu has a higher light reading and listening and speaking ability in English, which is specialized in the translation of his work has laid a good foundation. He engaged in translation activities began in the 19th century, 90 years, for 50 years, the translation of literature, history, philosophy and other aspects of various books of about 130 species. Sino, the reform movement carried out vigorously, Wu Jian invited optical Rang Qing Wang founded in Shanghai, "Chinese and foreign Daily" writes. Through the newspaper editorials, supplements, illustrations and other forms point out problems, exposing official corruption, caring people suffering, while a large number of western science and culture, translating some foreign literary works. At that time, Lin Shu's "classical rewrite" type of translated novels by the Commercial Press published a very wide spread. Translated by Wu light construction work, then use the vernacular, signed "Jun Moon", one after another in the "foreign Daily" published to give readers a fresh and new. View of people eager to learn more about the actual needs of the new Western, Wu Selected Translations of some light construction work reflects evolutionary point of view. He has admitted the UK was more drawn Froude's "big problem of small talk," several readers favorite is the parable, for example, "cat visit Road", talking about exactly what people aspire to study in China " New Learning "and" natural selection, survival of the fittest. " Revolution, he changed the vernacular translation published by the Commercial Press is still signed "Jun Moon," which the French Alexandre Dumas's "hidden Xia Ji" ("The Three Musketeers"), "Xia added hidden mind" (" Twenty years later ") Yibi vividly expressive, and well received by readers. Mid-20th century, 20 years, the Commercial Press has published the commentary of the Mao Dun, "Man implicit in mind," income "other than the Library," and language self-study books for high school students, played a good role. Hu, who Meng, Wu Xu and so appreciative of light construction Yibi. Xu was the new moon book about his translation of the British Enlightenment, the works of playwright Sheridan, "School for Scandal" and "sly marriage," Hu about his translation of Kyrgyzstan and American Culture Fund Committee Peng's "Decline and Fall of the Roman History." 30's of last century, built for the Commercial Press translation of Wu light the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, more than 40 excerpts from the novel. Wu light built considerable number of translations, the topics wide field of vision. He believes that "to understand Western, Western introduced does not mean blindly worship Western." Western countries to allow readers to see the existence of social problems, he also translated the relevant novels to Chinese readers a more comprehensive understanding of the West. In addition to the works of Alexandre Dumas, the Wu has translated Dickens light construction of the "working class world" ("Hard Times") and the "Jing Ji" ("Tale of Two Cities"), Swift's "Galileo China Travels" ( "Gulliver's Travels"), the summer drop-pedicle of the "orphan wandering mind" ("Jane Eyre"), Hugo's "sea workers" Tuo Dostoevsky's "crime and punishment" (" Crime and Punishment "), Cervantes's" Mad Man "(" Don Quixote ") and so on. Biography, we have the Faure's "Napoleon theory" and Ludwig's "Bismarck." Wu light built in his later years, in the translation of foreign literature, but also translated a number of philosophical, historical aspects of the work, such as Myers's "History of the nineteenth century," Guizot's "History of the French Revolution," Macaulay's " History of England "and so on. Wu Jian translated literary works of light readable, hugely popular, so he renowned in the Chinese translation circles, won the "translation sector of the Essayist" in the world. Yan Fu translated by the translator works reflect the deep insight into the social, Western and Middle School is a model for mastery. Wu light construction at this point it difficult to hold a candle. But both teachers and students, Yan Wu light on the ideological construction has also been inherited. More importantly, as the best modern representatives of the students stay in Europe, two are of modern construction and development of Chinese culture made an indelible contribution. Students gave birth to modern Chinese society groups, students Youyi translated books, school and other activities to the science and technology and culture of Western thought into China, Chinese culture and thus also more enriched and developed.
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