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Translation of basic research can not be missing
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Translate a lot of problems, this is an indisputable fact. I do not say where the market economy, publishing mechanism for objective reasons such as these reasons are not concerned at all. I want to say is the translator's subjective reasons. Among the subjective reasons, not the lack of translation ethics issues to be discussed here, a large number of low cost retranslation is not worth much ink tongue. My point here is that translation of the concept of chaos and lack of basic research, which is usually two to literary translation is important, but is easily overlooked in the academic issues. Today, literary translation theory as literary theory has long been varied. From the letter, and elegance to the translation or literal translation, to form quite similar to, or shape or both of God, even the Transmigration or misreading of that can be described as say, today. But in the end, the translation is to transfer text from one language to another language, so translators proficient in both languages as well as a variety of text is the most basic fundamental principle. But in fact the language alone is not enough. Translation, after all, is not simple text translations. Literature, especially classic literature, its style, mood is often not the dictionary can be solved, but also translation of the machine feel powerless and frustrated. So, how can we grasp the original style, mood, and to the extent possible and the translation close? This requires us to solve as the basis of paperwork. In a sense, perhaps we can for the time being forget the wide range of translation theory, but can not book some original basic research. At this point, I might as an example. The first example is a more distant Shakespeare tragedy. Hamlet, etc. under the leadership of the translator who traveled around the world, famous, become indecisive, moody synonymous. However, the British Shakespeare expert Po Linjiernan After years of careful study, that the world of Shakespeare in order to meet the wind, attract an audience, seated in his tragedy laugh a lot of colored condiments, and even of that salty sultry involved. Driven by the renaissance of these factors are not in the majority of comedy in the translation of Shakespeare's tragedy reflected. Of course, this is an extreme example, may account for the difficulty of literary translation. The second example is the recent Yang Jiang in front of us, she translated "Xiaolai Zi" and "Don Quixote" before reading countless books; translated into another temporary deep assumed thin, hard work, day five at most translated six characters; after the repeatedly revised. And "Xiao Laizi" This translation of what she claims all over, from the original lengthy "small river Tormes Lazarus," the title of the past. Lazarus is a medieval theological writings appeared in the image of a character, he is not only a bum, and his head is sore. Lazarus is a small one in his 16th century incarnation. "Xiao Laizi" not only to remember the image, sound and shape both, both God-shaped, but with obvious historical reference, is a rare example of literary translation. Less than my generation. Incidentally, since no one hundred percent "trust", but also have a "similar." The "shape", "Italy may," "spirit" is often difficult to balance. Therefore, people drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi, the translator knew only one in serious hardship, or even the skill of feeling incompetent. At the same time, as long as there is no law, and only have the right to choose for each translator that the highest level. Therefore, I translated something hard and not for finite environment, often as a possible mysticism: descendants of the remedy on the basis of previous results set of inheritance and the public at home as long to excellence, is not to rebuild the temple, re- gilded or less to avoid the still fear. Of course, the notes and commentaries are essential, otherwise there hunting the United States, and even plagiarism is suspected. In this sense, famous not only retranslation, and should retranslation. Should Kiernan academic research into the consensus of Shakespeare, then the proper retranslation on Shakespeare. The problem is only one original, any retranslation should be as close to this one, for the purpose of this world, not passed away, or one-sided emphasis on self-inch long feet short.
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