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Changsha Foreign dating some translation companies are keen
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Recently, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, five women complained to the media jointly, claimed to have paid 16,000 yuan, respectively, contributions, however, did not dream of circular cross-border marriages. In coordination with relevant departments, five women took back the contributions. But this incident has opened a confusing veil of foreign matchmaking market. "Changsha some translation companies are foreign translation of the surface, but secretly engage in foreign matchmaking business." Informed sources told reporters. The legal profession that the repeated prohibition of illegal foreign matchmaking difficult to stop, in addition to attracting employees to be huge profits, the current lack of specification of specific national laws and regulations dating industry, dating industry there are many defects in the regulation is also important reasons. Introduction of marriage agreement was signed Translation Some translation companies in Changsha in the foreign matchmaking This is an open secret. Miss Lau single, and has come to doubt age has to go abroad to find a Mr. Right, but have no one matchmaking. My friend said was a translation company in Changsha has a wealth of foreign "source." Then, accompanied by friends, Ms. Liu came to this translation company. Asked Miss Liu in a simple situation, translation company staff took out a paper agreement, Miss Liu signature required. Found in this agreement reporters a series of problems: its name is "translation services agreement"; service time is "one year from May 2010 to the end of marriage party"; content is "to help translate documents Liu in the form of letters. " The agreement did not "dating" message. Miss Liu said: "I commissioned the company to help me about marriage, but translation of an agreement signed, because the other party is the translation company, then did not care." Then, Miss Liu was asked to pay a membership fee of 20,000 yuan. "Become our member, you can enjoy our membership benefits, each year we will introduce some foreign friends to you, if it can not become, we follow a certain percentage of your refund." Translation company staff Miss Liu said. Foreign matchmaking market chaos The reporters found that many of the current translation of Changsha, foreign companies are engaged in the matchmaking service. Wang in a translation company, her daily task is to help customers send love letters written or translated in English to foreign countries, and then the other messages sent to the English translated into Chinese. Little Mo, Mike as well. Li said that not only foreign companies engaged in matchmaking, that is good English and some of the personal computer, is also engaged in similar occupations. Last year, she and her friends in the same company, because the boss saw a friend at home to serve others, the results were fired by the boss did not say, but also the withholding of his salary for two months. But Li admitted: "In order to increase revenue, we have seven or eight customers, and I the same." Both the translation company or individual, the reason why foreign matchmaking services are keen to work, first, because there is a market, and second, because of the lucrative. It is understood that the National People's Congress delegate foreign matchmaking are divorced or older lady. They think they are old and useless, can not find a good partner in the country, so foreigners who sent the feelings. If the other party to the foreign countries, their material life will be improved. Regulatory challenges encountered foreign matchmaking According to report, December 1994, the State Council issued the "Regulations on Strengthening the Administration of Foreign marriage agency" expressly prohibits any individual or organization engaged in or disguised foreign matchmaking activities, prohibit the establishment of foreign marriage agencies. October 1, 2003 the formal implementation of Hunan Province, "the implementation of
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