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Multiple translation first prize of domestic vacancies worrying situation refle
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Recently announced the 7th CASIO Cup competition established by the English translation group, the Japanese group first prize once again vacant, so many judges and the contestants whom regret, the topic inevitably throws just to calm nature of the Lu Xun Literature 5th Translation works the same award category vacancies storm. The spate of "vacancy" in the translation industry for the publishing industry and sounded the alarm, but also presented us with a question worth considering: What kind of translations called perfect? China not a translation community can really get the winning work? Translation levels may not be enough vacancies CASIO Cup competition this year, participants translated more for college students, there are some junior high school and college students, the youngest who is only 14 years old. 20 players participated in two languages simultaneously translated. Most winners for the college students, teachers, in addition to banks, staff and freelancers. Winners, there are two of the 90, 85, after a few bits. The translation of the birth of new forces, so the organizers quite happy. However, first prize in the contest again this year, vacancies also say that it is a great pity. Contest judges, renowned translator Lin Shaohua raised in the comments, the standard translation is "faithfulness, and elegance", ie integrated content, wording and aesthetic investigation in three areas. Players, can translated "meaning", translated "style" and there are many, but it can translated "state" and did not, so the prize is still vacant. In the translation profession and the publishing industry, was issued as early as lament; the status of literary translation is indeed worrying. However, some publishers are proposed: the level of our translators not decline to such an extent that a work can not take the award! Lin Shaohua with its own translation, "recorded by rows and odd birds" (Haruki Murakami was) in the Lu Xun Literature Award in 5th after the final defeat of the proposed: Translation Prize for translation level of vacancies is not enough cause, but the award itself is a problem . Difficult to see the market carefully worded temptation Lu Award judges argued that literary translation prize becomes vacant, there are many reasons. These include: Recommended variety of channels is not enough, rich enough work; there grab translation, in time for the case of translation, mistranslation, and missed a lot of translation appeared, literary translation personnel uneven. Translation Director Lan Renzhe final jury had written that gradually marginalized in the literature today, there are still significant numbers of China's annual foreign literary works were introduced and translated in time dedicated to the readers. These are mostly awarded the Nobel Prize and many internationally known works of literary awards. The aura of winning attractive to readers, publishers of professional translation of foreign literature to readers a sense of trust. Readers who are not fluent in foreign languages carefully read the foreign literature in translation, the translation quality rarely questioned; even read the sentence awkward wording of the incomprehensible, and often feel tolerance, acquiescence inevitable "foreign chamber." Literary Translation Committee of the final assessment, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zhang Zhenhui foreign literature also suggested that there are now many publishers and authors, translated to capture the market as soon as possible, time is too hasty, widespread looting translation, translation driven phenomenon, that translation of endless omissions, including the expression of many translation is not appropriate, is not accurate. Translation is not a simple text conversion Literary Translation Award of the vacancies seem to insinuate that the current lack of literary translators. Lan Renzhe also not without hardship to the article writes: "The importance of literary translation in China of course has been repeatedly affirmed, but the status of literary translation has not properly established. Translated as literary writing accessories. Literary translation is not a creative work, a matter of opinion, stand by only knowing the translator. Today, most colleges and universities are not included in the translation research. status is not high, the ranks of literary translation is difficult to form naturally. Meanwhile, literary translation has never been not a line of business can earn a living, not a professional translator, the only amateur guest of the stragglers. 20th century, 90 years after China's accession to international copyright conventions, literary translation is difficult to become a translator hobby. " Contemporary literature of which revealed the current situation facing the translation team building. However, some experts suggested that foreign languages are good people out there, but the language of literary translation is by no means a simple conversion. Lin Yutang translation of art that depends on three: "The first is the translator of the original text and content on a thorough understanding; second Chinese translator considerable degree, to include full and smooth up to the Chinese; third translation training on the matter, the translator for the translation of standards and technical problems have a legitimate opinion. "Thus, he proposed three criteria of translation is: honest, clear and coherent beauty. Can be seen, this should be a good translation must have the elements.
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