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China translates occupation standard and the standard that translate the market
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Zhang Ciyun
Director of Shanghai news office, " Shanghai daily " (English) vice-chairman of association of home of interpreter of editor in chief, Shanghai

Weave seriously and carry out the national level that translates service industry actively, it is the important safeguard that market of service of translation of normative our country and industry of stimulative translation service grow in order. But should make national level can cogent play guiding market, normative behavior and the action that promote a service quality, solve the service that exists generally in industry and market at present quality is uneven the problem that does not have foreword with market control disorder, we still need to strengthening the conduct propaganda, operation that raises a level to the gender is popularized with what increase a level and be superintended much work is done on strength.

Of level of state of 3 interpreters industry make, the standard system that translates service industry to form our country laid solid foundation. But popularize and superintend strength to level of these a few states to still remain to strengthen, should make GB becomes those who translate a service to provide the market action standard that just observes self-consciously with the client, translate the interpreter industry of the market and a flourishing in order to make contribution to a standard is built in our country.
(article origin: Chinese net)

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