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The standard of industry of American mouth written translation and management
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The United States translates association to await preside

The whole world translates market dimensions to be 10 billion dollar about, the United States held the share of the half, but the difficulty that American interpreter industry faces and Chinese etc country are same, namely: Translate and was not regarded as a true “ profession ” , because translate the management with industrial normative shortage.

Can have a standard to the interpreter from 3 respects: Translation service offers process of square, interpreter and interpreter product. Translation service offers the interpreter worker that just can point to independence, also can point to translation firm. A series of measure that interpreter process points to to production and source text are adopted when the target text that answers relatively. Translating a product is translation itself. The standard management pattern of every respect has bigger distinction.

Translation service offers square attestation to have 3 kinds of kind commonly: Guild attestation, government attestation, academic orgnaization attestation. Proper to translating process and interpreter product to also have standard manages frame. Be in the United States, of the level of a quality that has control to written translation process make the job had neared end. And criterion numeral of oral interpretation service has been promulgated before New Year apply.

To translating a product, a certain number of standards can be used. Its are nodded jointly is, to the interpreter that appears in the text of normal weight the mistake undertakes statistic is evaluated. The evaluation standard that translates a product offers square attestation way unlike translation service, also be different from interpreter process standard. The translation ” that what is “ high quality is decided by final user.
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