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"Japanese crane " culture of compatriots of translated term test is self-confide
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In the light of as the country about “ red -crowned crane the bird was awaited recently choose the word that submits the State Council to examine ” , chinese wild animal protects association 3 days to confirm, national forestry bureau reported relevant data to the State Council last year, but because the Latin of red -crowned crane calls “ Japan crane ” , dispute is very big, also did not approve up to now come down. (" new capital signs up for " on September 4)

Avian the friend that is the mankind, and country the bird is to be inspected more of a country and nation indicative. Country the selection of the bird is taken the lead in initiating by the United States, be apart from already had 200 old histories today, 40 many countries decided meantime early or late country bird. Be in our country, with red -crowned crane the cry of the bird that it is a country is long already. Came in May 2004 in June, website of many 20 news of whole nation of combination of association of protection of Chinese wild animal runs a country bird choose activity, red -crowned crane won the vote of the 64.92 % in 5 million netizen, the others 9 are awaited choose a bird to plant cast in back far. Immediately has expert doubt, think the Latin formal name of red -crowned crane is ” of “ Japan crane, do not suit to regard a country as the bird. One word of ” of “ Japan crane traceable 18 centuries, because clear at that time government closes the country to international communication, the specimen of red -crowned crane is offerred by Japanese, international society satisfies the regulation that according to Linnaisheng content classifies, it is ” of “ Japan crane according to what the place name of objective out says.

The bird chooses the country is an important matter, need Shen Zhi really careful. From pursuit perfect angle looks, the ” of beautiful Yu Weixia of “ of it may be said of v/arc a person's status of red -crowned crane, on this problem occurrence controversy is mixed hesitation also is understandable. But the focus of controversy should be not centered in ” of “ Japan crane the translated term that this ship comes to, and should return to the original meaning that to the country the bird chooses, namely why do we choose a country bird, what is choosing the most important level?

From worldwide in light of, by make choice of of the bird that it is a country, it is to be what place of this country people loves commonly, precious and rare special local product avian or the bird that has fundamental value and sense. According to ancient fossil proof, chinese mainland of traceable of red -crowned crane. In long historical endless flow, missish and beautiful ease of appearance of this one abundant, showily avian love by compatriots, coronal with ” of “ red-crowned crane call the implied meaning lucky, long life. In addition, red -crowned crane is known as the divine ” of “ wet ground in the world, also accord with our country beaded finish to maintain the career, policy that protects wet land.
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