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In trade Chinese-English interpreter " accurate " principle and apply
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The principle of “ accurate ” that trade Chinese-English translates and literary interpreter are different. Literary interpreter is usable hyperbole, metaphor, change the got-up way such as analogy, do not ask certainly with word or notional expression very accurate, be like: I Will Be Back In A Couple Of Days. Interpret becomes “ I two, come back after 3 days ” also goes, interpret becomes “ ” comes back after I am a few days also but, interpret makes “ I come back before long ” also just as well. However, trade Chinese-English interpreter is the literal photograph that waits for a domain with commerce, contract, safe, investment, freight, finance connection, involves content is serious and specific, not allow translator is conveyed casually in the interpreter.
The principle of “ accurate ” that trade translates is reflected above all choosing a word to go up. Choosing a word is not only absolutely find corresponding word from English dictionary just, the profundity that should be the trade major knowledge that reflects translator and bilingual to Chinese-English vocabulary understands. For example the flower interpret of ” of “ free tax zone, the English translated term of our country popularity is Free Trade Zone. Actually, the Free Trade Zone (Area) of ” of our country's existing “ free tax zone and home of Europe United States is different. The Free Trade Zone (Area) of flower beauty country is the area that shows “ executes region economy mechanism, inside the area between each member each other not levy, each member establishs joint tax rate, consistent external. The ” of “ free tax zone of ” our country presses its function and property to answer with the Foreign Trade Zone of Euramerican country relatively, see a definition please: Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) : A Government-designated Area In Which Goods Can Be Stored, inspected, or Manufactured Without Being Subject To Formal Customs Procedures Until They Leave The Zone. ② is additional, at present the ” of “ free tax zone of our country also has Bonded Zone this translated term sees at each publication. This translated term or name is exacter than Free Trade Zone. The interpret law in seeing ” of “ free tax zone match in other again:
Protect duty storehouse ——bonded Warehouse
Protect duty insurance ——bonding Insurance
Protect duty lorry ——customs Bonded Vehicle
The library that keep tax hands in commodity price ——delivery In Bond
Chinese word “ protects duty ” to there is different English to convey a law in different collocation. Word of English of choice of accurate ” of its connotation “ is pressed when the interpreter, ability makes sure the correspondence of information and concept is changed.
The principle of “ accurate ” that trade translates, advocate if the regulation is textual as accurate as translation term conceptual deliver, and the correspondence that does not ask the surface uses word and structure. Want to accomplish “ accurate ” of the interpreter, translator should learn Chinese-English language knowledge and trade major knowledge solidly. Same the expression that a concept needs to differ in different language environment. Translator holds “ accurate ” of the interpreter, be equal to make textual writing successful in translation and proper reach the designated position, what Weitejinsitan says philosopher of England of no less than: The meaning of a word wants “ to decide ” in the usage in the language according to it. Mere with borrowed the paraphrase of common Chinese-English dictionary will do an interpreter, be impossible to do good trade to translate, reach the level of “ accurate ” more impossibly.
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