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Chinese literature work needs good translation
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In Nobel literature award 18 are evaluated in, have Ma Yue only like that one person is the Sinology home that knows Chinese. This one special status, let him make the central point that domestic media pays close attention to. Yesterday, when accepting a reporter to interview, lifelong evaluation thinking is clear and this Nobel literature award of 83 years old is nimble, have breathtaking sign repeatedly. He says frankly: Nobel literature award issues a person every year only, the writer that win a prize does not mean the world championship that won literature to go up. At the same time he also raises for Chinese literature action: Chinese literature work needs good translation.

About Nobel

Nobel literature award is not “ world champion”

Face Nobel literature award lifelong evaluation, conversational content does not circle Nobel literature award of course. “ is Icelandic the writer won Nobel literature award, but having,historical China won this award without the writer however 5000, what reason is this? ” faces a reporter without preamble query, ma Yue like that not evasive also, speak bluntly: Award of “ Nobel literature is to issue a writer, do not give a state. I want to tell Chinese authors, do not see this award too importantly. It is so important that it is done not have actually, prizeman is not ’ of ‘ world champion. He says ” , singled out the winner of award of literature of a Nobel, but cannot saying this individual is the best writer on the world. Evaluate people the thing that just thinks this individual is written is a very good work, such just. There has been thousands of writer on the world now qualified win Nobel literature award, but can send every year only.

About Chinese writer

Work of my interpreter Chinese and Nobel have nothing to do

Since after retiring 1990, ma Yue begins interpreter of work of contemporary literature of will numerous China to become Swedish language like that, he very the Li Rui of praise highly Shanxi and Cao Naiqian the work of two writers. A lot of people guess, these two writers will become the popular person selected of Nobel literature. To this, ma Yue undertook denial like that: Work of “ interpreter Chinese is my hobby, with award have nothing to do. To good literary work, 17 my colleagues have the view of themselves. ” is in contemporary writer, outside dividing Li Rui, Cao Naiqian, ma Yue still has translated the work of the Wang Anyi, Mo Yan, person such as Han Shaogong like that. He says, mo Yan's work actually very pretty good, if “ is again a bit more concise, perfect. ”

The reporter arrives alertly, when Ma Yue is signing for the reader like that, those who use is English. Ask about a reason, ma Yue showed undemonstrative smile like that: My Chinese word is just as “ 5 years old the child writes, feel embarrassed draw up will see a person. He says ” , all the time since he is engaged in literature studies and translating the job, till 4 years before, just begin to carry a pen to be composed with Chinese, rolled out " another kind nostalgic " after collected works, he imitates the market of Chinese miniature novel that Mo Yan creates to also will be published at next year. Anthology lieutenant general collects 100 he is newest the miniature novel of creation. It is reported, ma Yue translates Swedish article edition like that " moral classics " also was about to publish in Feburary at next year.
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