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Translation is admired -- " flyer collect " (2)
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I bring the prosperity on those parting already worlds to my world.
I Carry In My World That Flourishes The Worlds That Have Failed.

Dear friend, when me static when listening to Hai Tao, I am many times in the dusk with dark dusk, be in this
On the coast, those who feel your great mind is silent.
Dear Friend, I Feel The Silence Of Your Great Thoughts Of Many ADeepening Eventide On This Beach When I Listen To These Waves.

The bird thinks to raise the fish in the act that a kind of charity is in sky.
The Bird Thinks It Is An Act Of Kindness To Give The Fish A LifeIn The Air.

Night is right sun say: “ is in the moon, the love letter that you sent you gives me. ”
“ I already was shedding the answer that the tear nods in what I stayed on green grass. ”
In The Moon Thou Sendest Thy Love Letters To Me,
I Leave My Answers In Tears Upon The Grass.

The great person is an inherent child, when he is dead, he gave the world his great childhood age.
The Great Is A Born Child; When He Dies He Gives His Great ChildhoodTo The World.

Not be the blow of mallet, it is the festively singing and dancing of water, make cobble attain at perfect.
Not Hammer-strokes, but Dance Of The Water Sings The PebblesInto Perfection.

The bee sips from inside the flower sweet, tunnel of camp of the battalion when leaving withers.
Buckish butterfly believes the flower should thank to it however.
Bees Sip Honey From Flowers And Hum Their Thanks When They Leave.
The Gaudy Butterfly Is Sure That The Flowers Owe Thanks To Him.

If you are not waiting to want to speak complete truth, it is very easy that that end speaks out true word.
To Be Outspoken Is Easy When You Do Not Wait To Speak The Complete Truth.

“ is likely ” asks “ is impossible that ” :
In where do you stay in “ ? ”
It replies: “ is in that is helpless person in dream. ”
Asks The Possible To The Impossible,
Where Is Your Dwelling-place?
In The Dreams Of The Impotent, comes The Answer.

If you involve all errors outside the door when, the truth also should be closed outside the door.
If You Shut Your Door To All Errors Truth Will Be Shut Out.

I hear some things are in of my heart depressed from the back neigh make sound, - - I cannot see them.
I Hear Some Rustle Of Things Behind My Sadness Of Heart,
---I Cannot See Them.

Leisure is the job when the movement.
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