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Translation is admired -- " flyer collect " (1)
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The flyer of summer, fly to the front of my window to sing, fly again.
Autumnal Huang Xie, they can be sung without what, heave a sigh only, fly fall over.
Stray Birds Of Summer Come To My Window To Sing And Fly Away.
And Yellow Leaves Of Autumn, which Have No Songs, flutter And FallThere With A Sign.

The rover with the small covey on the world, the footprint that leaves you please is in my character.
O Troupe Of Little Vagrants Of The World, leave Your Footprints In My Words.

The world the sweetheart to it, the mask that writings brush its grand is uncovered.
Its decrescent, small be like a song, the kiss of small consistent Hui Yongheng.
The World Puts Off Its Mask Of Vastness To Its Lover.
It Becomes Small As One Song, as One Kiss Of The Eternal.

It is the lachrymal dot of the earth, make her smile is maintaining green don't mention it.
It Is The Tears Of The Earth That Keep Here Smiles In Bloom.

The desert of boundless goes after one Xie Lucao's love ardently, she shakes shake one's head laughing to fly.
The Mighty Desert Is Burning For The Love Of A Bladeof Grass WhoShakes Her Head And Laughs And Flies Away.

If you weep because of losing the sun, so you also will lose galaxy.
If You Shed Tears When You Miss The Sun, you Also Miss The Stars.

Dancing running water, in the silt in your road, requirement your singing, your flow. You agree nip
The silt with sufficient be lame and does all fall?
The Sands In Your Way Beg For Your Song And Your Movement, dancingWater. Will You Carry The Burden Of Their Lameness?

Her eager face, like the rain that be like night, annoy is worn my dream fetch.
Her Wishful Face Haunts My Dreams Like The Rain At Night.

Once, we dream of everybody is not acquainted.
We woke, know we are deeply attached to each other formerly however.
Once We Dreamt That We Were Strangers.
We Wake Up To Find That We Were Dear To Each Other.

Care thinks of the calm in the heart in me to go down, advent of dusk of no less than is in noiseless mountain forest.
Sorrow Is Hushed Into Peace In My Heart Like The Evening AmongThe Silent Trees.

Have some of invisible hand, be like lazy lazy small (wind is thought of) , wearing in the achieve on my heart
Chan (Piao whences) Le Sheng.
Some Unseen Fingers, like An Idle Breeze, are Playing Upon My HeartThe Music Of The Ripples.

“ seawater, what is what you say? ”
“ is lasting doubt. ”
“ sky, what be if you reply? ”
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