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Bill Gates is in Beijing Microsoft the speech on plenary meeting of professional
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Good Morning. It's A Great Pleasure To Be Here. Today Is A Major Milestone For Microsoft As Our First Professional Developers Conference Here In China. The Key Partnerships We Build With Software Developers Around The World Are Central Not Only To The Success Of Windows But Also To Realize The Possibility That PC Technology Provides. It's Through Applications Of Every Variety That Businesses Will Be Using The Personal Computer As The Tool Of The Information Age.  

It's Rather Amazing How Fast This Innovation Is Moving. Even To Keep The Like Of Myself Who Are Deeply Involved In The Industry To Go And See The Improvement And Every Element That Are Taking Place On A Yearly Basis Is Quite Fantastic. Of Course One Of The Driving Factors Of This Business Is The Exponential Increase In Processor Performance. There Is No Doubt That The Magic Of Chip Capability Has Delivered Through The Advance In Microprocessor Allows Us To Think Of Application Which Never Would Have Been Possible Before.

The PC Industry Is One Of The Few Industries That Can Deliver Lower Price Equipment At The Same Time As Improving The Capabilities. The Storage Systems Are Now Delivering Gigabyte Of Storage As The Standard Capability. Over 80 Million Of PCs Are Being Sold A Year. And The Server Market, the Higher Performance Machines That These PCs Networked With, are The Fastest Growing Part Of This Business. The Performance Of Those Servers Is Increasing Not Only Because The Individual Processors Are Faster, but Also Because We Are Using Multiple-processor Machines, so Called SMP Designs And Clustering Nodes Together. . .

Great Chips, systems Developers, partners Who Are Sponsoring This Event, making This All Possible. There Is An Incredible Opportunity For Developers. The Applications That Are Written Today Will Sell To An Even Larger Base Of Machines Out In The Market. There Is A Lot That We're Doing To Increase The Work Of Good Developers-make Sure They Understand Where The PC Is Going And How Tools Can Help Them Now, more And More Marketing Type Of Activities Making Sure They Got In With The Customers. This Is Something That We Are Going To Increase Year After Year.

The Overall DNS Message Is One About Helping Developers Seize That Opportunity By Bringing Together The Different Architectures, making Things Automatic And Allowing This To Be Done In An Evolutionary Fashion. I Think It's A Fantastic Time To Be Developer And We Appreciate Being Here And Look Forward To The Opportunity To Work With You More.

Thank You.

The morning is good. Very glad to gather together with everybody. The first major of Microsoft China that holds here develops staff plenary meeting, it is a of Microsoft important milestone. We and the companionate relationship that global software develops personnel to build were to facilitate not only the key with successful Windows, and the possibility that makes PC technology is offerred becomes reality. Applied process is perforative each domains, the company regards information as the tool of the times use PC.
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