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Rejection art (clairvoyant your job)
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Was gifted occasionally too much task can make the person feels on wings. This means people to think you are very conscientious, reliable, and you always are met complete the work satisfactorily. But allocate you when them too the task, what do you have to respond to? When their majority thing too depend on you, what the way to deal with a situation do you have again? If you are in,above all replies in two problems good with “ , agree with ” , you are about to learn doctrine “ not the art of ” .

Sometimes It Feels Flattering To Be The Go-to Person For Most Tasks. This Shows That People Think You’re Responsible, dependable, and You Deliver Good Work. But What Do You Do When They Give You Too Many Tasks For You To Handle? What If They Depend Too Much On You For Most Things? If You Answered “yes”To Either Question, you Need To Learn The Art Of Saying “No” .

The society says “ not the advantage of ” :
You had • oneself disengaged time —— this works to excess load for you particularly crucial.
• you are OK and dedicated feel truly important to mix at oneself the project that has interest.
• someone else also can be acquired how to finish a few jobs that they consider to let you do. This will create office environment to improve efficiency each.
You reduced • the opportunity that others bothers you with same argument next time.
• most the most important is, you placed the view that has option interest, such you won't be treated by ground of resign oneself to adversity.

The Benefits Of Saying “No”

You Get To Free Up Your Time - Especially Important If You Feel Overworked.
You Can Focus On The Projects That Are Truly Important Or Exciting To You.
Other People Will Have To Learn How To Accomplish Some Of The Tasks They Want You To Do. This Will Result In A More Productive Office Environment For Everyone.
You Decrease Any Chances Of People Bothering You For The Same Request Later.
Most Importantly, you Get To Assert Your Power Of Choice And People Won’t Treat You Like A Doormat.

When to say “ not ” ?
• if when you did not get due pay.
• if when you yourself would rather rule this paragraph of time.
• if when the weak sports that the job just in time that you are allocated is you.
• if when you do not have enough passion to the project.
• if, your stomach is assigning the task that with instant sudden fit, and this is not when to beginning because of you too excited place causes the project.

When Do You Say “no” ?

If You Won’t Be Paid Enough For A Project.
If You’d Rather Do Other Things With Your Time.
If You’re Assigned To Do Something That Is Your Major Weakness.
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