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The story of thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving Day In America Is A Time To Offer Thanks, of Family Gatherings And Holiday Meals. A Time Of Turkeys, stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie. A Time For Indian Corn, holiday Parades And Giant Balloons.

Be in the United States, thanksgiving is an acknowledgment bestows, the family reunites, close a convivial day; It is the time that there is pie of turkey, filling, pumpkin on table of home of a home; It is one is full of Yindian corn, holiday parades and giant the day of the balloon.

Thanksgiving Is Celebrated On The 4th Thursday Of November, which This Year (2005) Is November 24th.

Annual November the last Thursday is thanksgiving, this year (2005) was on November 24. The origin that thanksgiving day sees in light of us lets below:

The Pilgrims Who Sailed To This Country Aboard The Mayflower Were Originally Members Of The English Separatist Church (a Puritan Sect) . They Had Earlier Fled Their Home In England And Sailed To Holland (The Netherlands) To Escape Religious Persecution. There, they Enjoyed More Religious Tolerance, but They Eventually Became Disenchanted With The Dutch Way Of Life, thinking It Ungodly. Seeking A Better Life, the Separatists Negotiated With A London Stock Company To Finance A Pilgrimage To America. Most Of Those Making The Trip Aboard The Mayflower Were Non-Separatists, but Were Hired To Protect The Company's Interests. Only About One-third Of The Original Colonists Were Separatists.

The traveler that spent " to come to this country in May by " (pilgrim) it is church of British segregator underground originally Puritan, their home is in England, because can't bear bearing domestic religion to persecute, they abscond Holand. In Holand, they enjoyed more religious belief freedom, but realize in Dutch this is planted finally however lifestyle is right their advocate profanatory. Better to seek life, they and London trading company talk things over, aid financially them to go to the United States by this company. In this time of journey, have only on the boat about the passenger of 1/3 is Puritan, the person is not other great majority separate group is Puritan, however the personnel that company service will come to protect its interest (contracted slave) .

The Pilgrims Set Ground At Plymouth Rock On December 11, 1620. Their First Winter Was Devastating. At The Beginning Of The Following Fall, they Had Lost 46 Of The Original 102 Who Sailed On The Mayflower. But The Harvest Of 1621 Was A Bountiful One. And The Remaining Colonists Decided To Celebrate With A Feast- - Including 91 Indians Who Had Helped The Pilgrims Survive Their First Year. It Is Believed That The Pilgrims Would Not Have Made It Through The Year Without The Help Of The Natives. The Feast Was More Of A Traditional English Harvest Festival Than A True "thanksgiving" Observance. It Lasted Three Days.

On December 11, 1620, traveler people in " general benefit Mao Sishi " is landed. The first their winter is disastrous, when the 2nd year the autumn comes, 102 original passengers leave 56 people only. But they obtained big bumper harvest 1621, the colonist of these survival people decision and 91 Indian that help them spend difficulty provide dinner for the banquet is celebrated together. They believe, if do not have the help of local dweller, they are impossible to spend this one year. This festal regale is a " is thankful not just " ceremony, it more traditional like England bumper harvest celebration. Celebration lasted 3 days.
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