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Let translate the block that makes traditional culture transmission no longer
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As the process of global economic integration, the main obstacle that the traditional culture of our country faces is an interpreter the level is too low, how accurate give rich traditional culture connotation without by accident expression, become current and special urgent task. Regard a tradition as the crackajack delegate of culture, the interpreter of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and old name can give us a few inspiration probably.

Draw near increasingly as the Olympic Games, understand traditional culture of China, understanding China to invite friend of more foreign country, the discretion that translates a level was become whether accurate the key that relays traditional culture intention. A few days ago, federation of society of medicine of world doctor of traditional Chinese medicine was finished " the traditional Chinese medical science is basic substantival term is Sino-British contrast international standard " make, 6 when “ greets lifelike of Olympic Games —— to explain commonweal of old name ” to translate mobile assess old names translate a name to also give heat, the transmission of these traditional culture that are our country offerred good condition.

Interpreter current situation nots allow hopeful

Some closer year come, chinese traditional culture gets world each country more and more attention. But, as a result of the obstacle of language character, to culture international communication and application bring a lot of difficulty. When head of department of interpreter of federation of society of medicine of world doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Professor Wang Kui is accepting reporter of newspaper of Chinese intellectual property to interview, point out straight from the shoulder, learn to tell with respect to medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, current English interpreter is very contention of a hundred schools of thought, confused.

As we have learned, ” of ability of “ singing and dancing, japanese pronunciation is “Ka - Bu - Ki” , english is “Kabuki” , do not call “ Tokyo operatic ” absolutely (“Tokoyo Opera” ) . The English name of Chinese Beijing opera is “Jingju” , but somebody slants should change interpret to become “Peking Opera” . To this, wang Kui says, at present only the teaching material that medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns different version is amounted to 100 a variety of, the teaching material of every version has different interpreter. Learn in medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in, put in one word much meaning, and exist in English one word much interpret, because this is put inevitably in the interpreter of a few mistakes. Wang Kui expresses anxiously, confused interpreter often makes reader bewilderment indissolubles, misread original intention of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine even, more the many sided such as trade of transmission of service of education of the medicine in giving each country, medical treatment, scientific research, learning communication, information, classics is brought difficulty and damage.
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