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Interpreter and illuminate China thought (2)
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The 3rd chapter, likeness is talked

The contrast that the type talks does not explain difference is to cannot be estimated, the interpreter is impossible. Same, similar sex also does not mean reciprocity, it is a kind of not quite loath likeness only, in language and setting different situation falls to still can be discussed. Here, two-phase contrasts is to find out no longer different, however contrarily, what find likeness in subtle and different point is approximate, these are different and OK need not cogitative can discover.

We had spoken of the trend of the various schools of thought and their exponents during the period from pre-Qin times to the early years of the Han Dynasty with Chinese peculiar place, also be the way that rejects bias. Xun Zi points out, his elder people have fixed thinking. Press his view, mo Zi overestimated effect, village overmeasure wait a moment naturally [10] . However, what the case of the various schools of thought and their exponents during the period from pre-Qin times to the early years of the Han Dynasty does not conduce to pair of each school ideas and ideologist is analytic. Be in Europe, in middle east, when firm calcaneal standing on the foundation that sending signal of top of the last thoroughly when the character, become to the definition of thought school routine and normal. The library also arranges their catalog according to old school, among these school, education began since father. The occurrence of regular school affects at library catalog first. And be in China, before a few centuries, han Chao had imperial library and ancient prose glossographer, they search a root to trace to the source, arrange and normative tradition and character. The influence of bequeath of place of this kind of means is conclusive, because generally speaking, archaic China is participated in without constituent people discuss, also transmit these doctrine and school without special school. The ” of view “ ideologist of Chinese (Familles De Pensée) school should be compared to suit more for all sorts of thoughts of divisional China on firm sense.

One, Socrates and Confucius (Socrate Et Confucius)

Both contrast should be very interesting and regular. They are born at same age, have same disposition, have the fun of study, have the worry to ethics. Two people admit they are ignorant, express to be able to teach all having to learn the person of desire, yearning universe and mankind; Two people had experienced instant failure to be mixed by the child later successor people place support and carry forward; Two people have the spirit of exploration and idea, they do research, form oneself doctrine, foster successor. Both the biggest distinction depends on, they differ completely by two, extremely what great civilization brings up distinctive; And in two civilization, their part of 2 people can contrast.

Two comparative obstacles are, compare to refuse, what cannot ignore is different wipe evil spirit common feature. For example of Socrates adj what compare Confucius with derisive photograph is austere with tack; 2 for what specific individual will serve as whole tradition is indicative. Then, set out from the individual character of this two people and appearance, people infer space thing square whole culture and civilization. People rescripts the history, it seems that everything already was in of the thought original when have all ready, a distinctive ideologist is decided by the figure place casing of a caricature. Confucius: Deng Xiaoping's ancestor, socrates: The father of atom bomb ……
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