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Interpreter and illuminate China thought (1)
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Interpreter: Na Dai resides interpret

Have a kind of Chinese thought, China's peculiar thinking kind? Let us raise a question. We already were in traceable no longer Greek, end the thought history period at 20 centuries Europe. Have the monopoly of the thought no longer, also have the monopoly of ideology no longer, no matter be Europe or China,be such. These two kinds of civilization ever all maintained the center that he are the world, although sometimes also not without the truth. However they now is not, in the future also is no longer. European character (democratic, scientific method, the ideology of the thought) provide attractive uniqueness extremely, take the rig of a bit thought however. Besides these character all lie under religious influence, suffer its to invigorate or suffer its to squelch. Western thought, no matter be of philosophy,still be scientific, never had existed with net position.

But the problem depends on, calculate China to have all sorts of ideas, have a lot of ideologist, so have a kind of China's peculiar idea after all? Some what concerns between them? Are we in Cheng Ailan (Anne Cheng) does with Fulangsuowa bright red benefit install · (Fran? Ois Jullien) can reach it seems that in composing this one conclusion. Former research from of old the in-house develop of Chinese thought history; Latter tries to pass through the west to be drawn the outline of secondhand from China a few from go up at all have divergent basic idea, those who belong to solid of the place in incompatible meaning domain to have [1] . “ similar not likely is different to be the same as difference of no less than to be not. ” (Meng Tian, III - 13)

Aught is OK from interior may undertake study inside relative limits. In fact, “ is different as alien as similar ” , “ sex and oneness ” are impartible those who cut, consider to go to the lavatory among them only not quite comprehensive. Observe to the deviate of the thought (Décentrement De L’esprit) its benefit also has its disadvantage. “ China forces us to raise a question forever. [2]” for example colloquial photograph concerns to the around join of written language. Accordingly, we need an eye to put far ability to ponder over thing of advised of European have not better, clear wrong cause delay in work or business is real, with understanding our located scope better. The manner of this kind of relativity will be oriented more nuance, even if be inside the most essential difference limits such also. But is the thing this kind of case forever?

Actually, “ is general - this kind of antithesis is not individual ” to exist in that way like what we envisage. What any does not have character is run-of-mill not be clearly, unless have a kind of mysterious form; If character of any culture of a kind of people do not have the common background of made formation also cannot feel. We can comb the world through these opposing. ” of number of “ of no less than cannot regard the only that measures the world as measure same, the measure that we want to use complete mankind (also be one of numerous and other measure only) .
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