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How to master a foreign language highest state " spot oral interpretation "
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A few people that learn a foreign language often regard ” of “ highest state as spot oral interpretation. Can undertake oral interpretation fluently in the spot (include to hand in pass, pass together) often make a person envy unceasingly. However, the oral interpretation ability of ” of rice bowl of gold of this kind of “ be regardinged as is obtained very hard however. A true good dragoman should pass the preparation before strict training ability learns how to undertake interpret, how to undertake oral interpretation memory and logic are arranged, how to undertake bilingual the changeover between. In the world the setting of much polarization and economic globalization falls, the oral interpretation person with ability that develops qualification conduces to the communication that strengthens the much territory such as economy of China and foreign countries, culture, science and technology, education and collaboration. In wage income respect, dragoman of an oral interpretation is times more than other staff member. Novel and unique job kind and environment, add on countless “ once in a blue moon the opportunity of ” , make oral interpretation turned gold into the profession overnight almost. Be aimed at this kind of need of the society, in ministry of national occurrences in human life unified program falls, organization of bureau of Chinese foreign language carried out the whole nation to translate professional competence (level) exam, ministry of Education also rolled out a foreign language to translate qualificatory certificate accordingly. Then, certificate of qualification of countrywide interpreter major and certificate of translation of complete abroad language made the attestation system that at present our country translates an industry. This two great authority translated certificate to provide ability grade standard from personnel of course of study for the interpreter, regard nucleus of two final examination as content written translation, oral interpretation. For a short while, to can ascend interpret of able to read aloud fluently regular boat of occupational of this one gold, to take an examination and the personnel in an endless stream that all sorts of grooming.

But the oral interpretation dragoman that should become a qualification must want to have accumulate for a long time, the training of systematization and ceaseless ego drill. “ Rome is not the ” that builds overnight, oral interpretation dragoman must want to pass an arduous learning process. This kind learns and accumulate can make dragoman forms hard disk of a computer in cerebrum, and the ability that the spot handles all sorts of tasks the memory as the computer, the process accident that lays in knowledge from the extraction in cerebrum, speed uses program and microprocessor with respect to what resemble the computer. In other words, oral interpretation is through dragoman namely inside extremely limited time, hear differentiate source set phrase, undertake understanding and decipher, undertake information stores next, change message in brains again, undertake imformation encoding, creativity ground uses ” of repeat of target language “ to give a course of audience finally. The timeliness of oral interpretation and treatment process are very complex, at the same time requirement dragoman masters all sorts of professional skill adroitly, if arrange an interpreter, reasonable make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings, repeat, add reduce desire of semantic, sentence pattern group recombine, quick a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches is waited a moment. And discrepant, different is medium in passing the requirement of interpret and simultaneous interpretation oral interpretation to be the same as again alternately have with. Translator can be defined to be “ to hold bilingual bagman, different language mass organizations when the person that speak odd language has communication, he acts intermediate part ” (Derrida, 1983) . That is to say, the message decipher that dragoman delivers armour language (Decoding) , use second language next this imformation encoding (Re-encoding) . Pass a series of training, dragoman had the powerful organic ability that differs with average person and experience capacity, the “ renascent ” that these two kinds of ability pass the stimulation of the spot to get utmost in the process of oral interpretation, the knowledge that in arousing memory adequately, has learned comes decipher and encode. Come from this meaning say, oral interpretation is the process of renascent ” of ” of memory of a “ or “ not just, also be the process of ” of creation of a “ .
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