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Pragmatics learns to translating medium application theoretically
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Pragmatics learns is to study the language uses the knowledge with understanding, study the person that send a word uses the process of language and meaning of expression of exterior words condition already, the decipher of the speech that also studies obedient person is spoken to sending word person and inferential process. Like be the same as semantics, pragmatics learns to also study a meaning, but the meaning that what it studies is not abstract language system itself, however intercourse person the significance that be communicated in specific intercourse scene and understands and the process that understand and communicate. The interpreter studies (also say to translate academic, interpreter to learn) it is to discuss translator to unscramble textual, in the knowledge that textual meaning reframes in translation. Both having collective research boy or girl friend, namely language understanding and language expression. The person that be differred, intercourse of language of former heavier viewport reachs its trends characteristic, and what latter place cares is text and written language. But this differentia opposite sex does not hamper interpreter theory investigator draws lessons from pragmatics to learn to discuss interpreter activity theoretically. In fact, a lot of scholars think written discourse has the property of intercourse and characteristic euqally with oral speech, have dynamic sex (Hatim, 1998: 86) . The acceptance that they think the author meets a reader when writing and consideration of cognitive words condition go in (Baker, 1992: 222) , the intent oneself passes speech (work) signal gives a reader (Sperber&Wilson, 1986) . If the author thinks the reader is right,can affect a reader the explanation to work, understanding, he can keep this field a few more detailed, vice versa. The reader carries the work that reads an author, gain new knowledge, fresh feeling, experience, achieve resonance with the author, can suffer the effect of work even and take some kind of action, the successful ground author that finish - the communication between the reader.

2.The China and foreign countries of necessity make a comprehensive view that the interpreter studies to introduce pragmatics to learn theory turns over interpret history, can see a clear trend, that translates the development that be built theoretically and expands to depend on other subject namely, from nutrient of theory of the derive in other subject. This positive-appearing image is the development that uses linguistics to must depend on linguistics, mature with derive theory same, and the course of a branch that interpreter research also is applied linguistics in fact. Those who translate research this kind takes creed to have its advantageous one side already, also have its weak point. Favorable place is it unbiased to any course, as long as useful, OK incorporate things of diverse nature, for my place accept. Can avoid to be on theory and practice so go to extremes, removing huge to urge action with development to the interpreter is abounded quickly theoretically. Adverse place depends on, each other has conflict between the theory that each course place input, cannot well compatible, bring about academic constructional abhorrent sex.
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