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A lot of people groom to what pass together be full of interest, returning somebody to guess affirmation is ” of training of “ devil type. Actually, not so exaggerative. I since graduation hind is fastened in English of university of Beijing foreign language, be admitted by class of U.N. interpret lecture, accepted the major of two years when be to groom, at that time my English level is professional 8 class. Basically learn course of advanced oral interpretation the first year, learn to make note, 12 classmates on the class after a year had 4 to pass a test, accept the training that passes skill together formally. Although the method of training is very modern, for instance the radio can hear two kinds of languages at the same time, but the process of training is really dry. Do not say other, light drills “ memory ” headaches quite, should keep repeat, say inattentivegeneral idea, catch a center, so as dry as a chip that resemble the Chinese class of pupil a bit; Resemble assiduously studying a doctor's degree again sometimes, want to see a large number of books enlarge intellectual face: What the more oneself do not like is professional, should understand more the more a bit.

How do be being passed together work? General, the assembly room has special interpreter, deploy earphone and mike, the condition is not to listen between good translation outside of murmur. Once sit to interpreter banquet, nerve should stretch tight first closely, after wearing headphone, meet “ makes interpreter shape ” like conditional reflex. After “ enters play ” , calculate him purse to be taken away won't notice. Physical strength is carried so that live even, because be each other of ear, mouth, cerebra,cooperating “ high speed locomotive ” , make the sense that can have lumbar acerbity backache every time. This is why every time “ passes ” to always want to deploy 3 two dragoman together, lie between a quarter to be about relief —— not such brain want “ to burn ” to drop really. Do not look down upon this one 15 minutes, but this immerses oneself in the concentration that practice hard to reflect below our stage.

In the interpreter's process, I most the encounters oral speech soundvoice to weigh namely person that be afraid of. Have the meeting of second petrifaction company, have foreign the person that gets a technology makes a speech, accent is particularly heavy, all people are understood not, I also am forced to go out the partial interpreter that can understand, the effect canned be imagined. Still have, some spokesman language fast too fast, give the chance that we breath far from, also make us headache very much. Opposite at corporeal pay, we need audience to support our spirit more. Some audience special “ slashing ” , once we appear,the error on distributive language moves restlessly disturbed. The mistake avoids very hard, the most first-class interpreter accuracy rate is achieved commonly 95% , and achieve the accuracy rate of 90% very pretty good. We hope to assure somewhat on the overall quality that translating of course, if can get audience is mixed after conference end,sponsor square praise, really greatest gratified.
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