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The processing of polite formula of the intercourse in oral interpretation
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Different culture is having different language habit, oral interpretation dragoman needs to notice to accord with habitual use especially when handling intercourse polite formula, the nature that shows just now is decent, complaisant, let a person sound otherwise can appear curt and cloddish, produce misunderstanding and discomfort even. The interpret law of a few typical polite formula cites below:
1, look around or the circumstance such as the talk, the honest person in often hearing says “ raises precious opinion more please. If ” is to Hesperian metaphrase: “Please Give Us Your Valuable Comments. ” issue came, they can think you are alluding them: Your opinion should be Valuable, not precious opinion avoids honour mouth please. Right interpret way is: “Please Give Us Your Comments. ” or “We Welcome Your Comments.
2, “ how, speak of here today? The view with curt, abrupt ” : Well, shall We Stop Here For Today? Phrase of pure be used to: Thank You For……Shall We Call It A Day?
3, “ today's food is bad, ask great excuse. ”Look in the person of English country, the view of polite formula of this kind of self-abasement appears instead too draw a forced analogy, what besides entertains guests to always hope the guest eats is good, otherwise, since food is bad, why to still take entertain guests? Unfavorable metaphrase is reason: Pardon Me For The Poor Foods Today. If have dinner begins to speak, english should say: Bon Appetite, or Enjoy Yourself. If have dinner ends,speak, should say: Hope You've Enjoyed Yourself. Such ability and be identical of this scene photograph.
4, “ this is trifling Bao Li, do not become devoir ” . This is our Chinese to represent a courteous and polite polite formula, sometimes gift is not ” of “ Bao Li also so say; And flower the thinking habit of beauty is however: This is the gift that prepares technically for you, hope you like. So this mights as well such saying: This Is A Gift For Your Memory. Hope You Like It.
5, do you earn “ every months how many money? ” this is afraid is your person most the personal question that abstain from, too sensitive, had better not ask. If must convey this meaning, should turn into the problem indirect problem, do not be aimed at an individual. If the other side is a selling manager, can say: About How Much Dose A Sale Manager Make A Year?
Between oral interpretation, besides should notice these are used to difference beyond, english also is having cannot the rich spoken language that sheet understands by literal meaning is used to a vocabulary. For instance: “This Evening, if You Have Time, we Can Go To The Movie Together. ”“Well, I Will Play It By Ear! ”“Metaphrase of Play It By Ear” plays for “ with ear ” ? Not be of course! The original intention of English of “play It By Ear” here is: To Decide Sth. Consequently here meaning can understand At The Moment You Need To And Not Before for: “ tonight if be free, you can go to see a movie together with us. ”“ says again to moment! ”
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