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Spoken language of movie and TV 8
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Talk " aircraftman date "
The author is advanced civil that " the Shuang Xiong that seize a face " the novel writes a law in, had written so a paragraph of word:
“40 time arrives 80 time, hollywood adapts classic literature famous book and popular popularity novel take the motion picture, of the amount, too numerous to mention one by one.
“ in recent years when move the life is easy, many writers adapt the play of film of newest draw large audiences and famous TV series into the novel. “
New an Air Force One " aircraftman date " it is another outstanding example.
Imprinting on the cover of the novel: A Novel By Max Allan Collins Based On A Screenplay Written By
Andrew WMarlowe.
Aircraftman date is the metaphrase of 'Air Force One' , the private plane of president of all previous United States calls 'Air Force One' .
The chock summary that we talk about a novel first now: 'Terrorists Have Seized Air Force One Thirtu Thousand FeetAbove The Earth. '
“ terrorist is in from the ground the headroom of 30 thousand feet rides disaster aircraftman date. “
'The President. The First Lady, their Thirteen-year-old Daughter, and MoreThan Fifty Innocent Peo-ple Are On Board. '
There are president, first-lady, their daughter of 13 years old and more than 50 innocent passengers on “ plane. “
At first two paragraphs, write quite compactly, length of be confined to, our article discusses again.

Elton John: Candle In The Wind
Those who wear the wife of a prince is dead, all over the world is the same as Bei, british name village of star Ai Du (the day that Elton John) starts lay a coffin in a memorial hall in her, sang this one piteous and touching " the candle power in wind " (Candle In The Wind) , everybody considering a letter is in pleasant to the ear crossed the funeral wearing the wife of a prince of TV living broadcast. The new record that is informed this piece of souvenir to wear the wife of a prince from inside press these days once ministry world, lifted scare buying upsurge in flower law two countries instantly. Sell the money of record gain, will dial the charitable foundation that wears the wife of a prince, forgive is significant.
The author is copied for the reader now should make a words of song, complementary with in interpret. Listen to a song to learn English, contain study at recreation, also be a tweak that learns a language. Libretto looks at to follow Elton John one case when leisure hum sing:
Goodbye England's Rose;May You Ever Grow In Our Hearts.
(fasten! Ying Lun's rose;
Wish you always blossom in our bottom of the heart brightness. )
You Were The Grace That Placed Itself Where Lives Were Torn Apart.
(you bestow favor on liberaling body lightly to drop with emperor, come the state that this suffers misery. )
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