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Menu interpreter makes a person happy make a person dizzy
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If foreign friend comes to Beijing play, most let what poll aches accompany them to leave eating house namely, become them especially get fed up “ of the sort of 5 stars class model the hotel of ” , want to experience the Beijing restaurant of former juice raw ingredient. Even if you 46 class are no problem, TOEFL is elegant the fraction that think of is not small also, but should explain name having food, be afraid a lot of people return can dizzy dish.

Had to let deadbeat of China and foreign countries do it however recently nevertheless excited good news —— to be in during the Olympic Games China international friend is in the brigade that the taste of ” experiences “ cate big country can straightway, brewed one year " law of interpret of Chinese menu English " eventually 1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out only then come out.

Chinese dish name translates jest much

Chinese dish name is translating the jest that go up a lot of, the famousest is the following 3:

” of bean curd of “ hemp mother-in-law becomes be like the —— of a certain calm case in Japanese cartoon all over the face the bean curd “Bean Curd Made By Apock-marked Woman” that the woman of fleck makes;

Lung of “ husband and wife piece the movie that ” likes big director is ghastly in that way and horrible the lobar section “Husband And Wife "slungslice” of —— husband and wife;

” of “ spring chicken says become known word too too naked the gallinaceous “Chicken Without Sexual Life” that has done not have sexual life.

Nowadays, the ” of “ government statement of name of these 3 kinds of dish is:

Free translation of ” of “ spring chicken is “Steamed Spring Chicken” , actually Spring Chicken understanding is compared into “ chickling ” appropriate.

Lung of “ husband and wife piece the interpreter of ” also becomes and the mankind does not have any relations, became “Beef And Ox Tripe In Chili Sauce” .

” of bean curd of “ hemp mother-in-law most All troubles end when the main trouble ends. , copy mechanically, become “ to learn ” with me simply, transliteration is “MapoTofu” .

“ letter, amount to, elegant ” cannot give attention to two or morethings

Chinese cate is broad and profound nevertheless, the pattern classics of dish name also is wonderful confused is shown really, although present interpreter is normative, the foreigner lets ineffable before was being done not have the amazed, “ that lets laugh so hard as to spew one's food of Chinese split one's sides with laughter laughs at fruit ” , but some places or the quintessential zephyr taste that lost name of original Chinese dish, “ letter of the interpreter, amount to, elegant ” , without method give attention to two or morethings. If large meatball of braise in soy sauce is “ only,stew sodden fleshy bolus ” with brown condiment (BraisedPorkBalls In Soy Sauce) , a bit also did not imagine a space, nod sense of humor less also.
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