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Give birth to 4 wife that hit the target
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There Was A Rich Merchant Who Had 4 Wives.

Once upon a time, a wealthy businessman married 4 wife.

He Loved The 4th Wife The Most And Adorned Her With Rich Robes And Treated Her To Delicacies.

He loves his concubine most, give her the most luxuriant clothes and delicate cate.

He Took Great Care Of Her And Gave Her Nothing But The Best.

He is considerate to her in a subtle way, caress to the utmost, gave her best thing.

He Also Loved The 3rd Wife Very Much. He's Very Proud Of Her And Always Wanted To Show Off Her To His Friends.

The businessman also loves the 3rd wife very much. He feels proud for her, often serve as her in the capital that shows off before the friend.

However, the Merchant Is Always In Great Fear That She Might Run Away With Some Other Men.

But he at the same time also very fear, was afraid of she and other man to run.

He Too, loved His 2nd Wife. She Is A Very Considerate Person, always Patient And In Fact Is The Merchant's Confidante.

Of course, the businessman also loves 2 wife, she already understanding tender patience. In fact, she is female bosom friend of the businessman.

Whenever The Merchant Faced Some Problems,

Often encounter difficulty,

He Always Turned To His 2nd Wife And She Would Always Help Him Out And Tide Him Through Difficult Times.

He can look for her, and she can help him always also walk out of predicament, spend difficulty.

Now, the Merchant's 1st Wife Is A Very Loyal Partner

As to big wife, she is a faithful spouse,

And Has Made Great Contributions In Maintaining His Wealth And Business As Well As Taking Care Of The Household.

Attend for him the business, do chore, busy in busy outside, painstaking effort of work of it may be said is expensive.

However, the Merchant Did Not Love The First Wife And Although She Loved Him Deeply, he Hardly Took Notice Of Her.

However, although she loves him so greatly, the businessman slants however not loving at her, did not put her on the heart even.

One Day, the Merchant Fell Ill. Before Long, he Knew That He Was Going To Die Soon.

A day, the businessman got heavy disease, he knows oneself will before long at the world.

He Thought Of His Luxurious Life And Told Himself, "Now I Have 4 Wives With Me.

When he reviews his costly lifetime, can't help the disappointed in the heart: “ now although I have partner of 4 wife photograph,

But When I Die, i'll Be Alone. How Lonely I'll Be! How Lonely I'll Be!!

But after dying lone one person, much loneliness! ”
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