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After Being With Her All Evening, the Man Couldn't Take Another Minute With His Blind Date.
  and date the object stayed one after in the evening, the man also was overcome again.

Earlier, he Had Secretly Arranged To Have A Friend Call Him To The Phone So He Would Have An Excuse To Leave.
He arranged a friend to call to him beforehand, such he can find an excuse left first.

When He Returned To The Table, he Lowered His Eyes, put On A Grim Expression And Said, "I Have Some Bad News. My Grandfather Just Died. My Grandfather Just Died.. "Thank Heavens, "His Date Replied. "If Yours Hadn't, mine Would Have Had To! Mine Would Have Had To!!

Return desk edge when him, he is lop eye, put on a pair of cloudy expression, say: “ has an unfortunate news, my grandfather just died. ”“ thank heaven! His appointment object says ” , “ if your grandfather is not dead, my grandfather had to die! ”

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