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Qian Zhongshu: By mythological " Great Master "
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Ge Gongbing: Qian Zhongshu is one is traversed contemporary with contemporary scholar, writer. The opinion to him is very at present high, ” of the scholastic ” with what “20 the greatest century, “ culture Kunlun, returned somebody to found what money learns. Qian Zhongshu also became one honour spirit. He is one of a few absolutely little people that pass knowledge and become a spirit. Comment on a writer to want to see him have distinctive contribution to the times on aesthetic creation, he has the literature to a kind of language to create contribution to distinctive what give schematic. Comment on a scholar, want to see him have the explanation that makes distinctive systematic sex to the times on the thought. Tell from this angle, it is right still to a writer no matter an ideologist requirement is very tall. I want to emphasize particularly on to regard the Qianzhong of a scholar as the book at talk from thought angle. The scholar has two kinds. One kind is knowledge person, acceded namely the knowledge before the mankind, disseminate knowledge next, he himself although abounded intellectual edifice but did not establish new large building. Another kind, have unique explanatory system to the world, the ground ponders over their systematization of this world only then source problem, put forward a kind distinctive, the doctrine of systematic sex, call the ideologist of the sex that propose form consequently. Qian Zhongshu is belonged to former, he is intellectual edifice in comb a person, it is an inheritance person, but the ideology that he did not propose him form, a such characters obtained so high position and opinion now in China, tell us to be able to affirm money to be accomplished in what what achieve on knowledge from the front, but con tells us to be able to see 20 centuries China the desolation on thought history. Thought history was not opposite 20 century China world thought history, even Chinese thought history make new impact, it is OK to do not have the person with independent three rival powers props up a 20 centuries China the edifice of thought history. Below this kind of circumstance, of Qian Zhongshu be being judged high is not a kind of honor however a kind of distress.

Liu plain another name for Hubei province: An adage cries: 80 years give an idea, 90 years go scholarship. Qian Zhongshu is 20 centuries 90 time are disentombed to come out. He also has name very much before this, but he acquires so high position truly is in 20 centuries 90 time. This mirrorred the characteristic of our times: 20 centuries 80 time are illuminative speech time, like Qian Zhongshu this is planted scholar everybody notes the figure not quite. 20 centuries 90 time, because,be teleplay " encircle a city " those who make serve as the writer's Qian Zhongshu is famous degree rose, but basically be intelligentsia on the other hand, read the bound gave Qian Zhongshu so many high opinion. These high opinions showed the intellectual of 90 time China is opposite 20 centuries of thought footing some kind abandons. Because of 20 centuries 90 time not only it is Qian Zhongshu, still have Wu Mi, Chen Yin scrupulously and respectfully such scholars bookman became eristic center, bit more excited, this follows 20 centuries 80 time have very big distinction. The sort of their knowledge must be compared with be apart of daily and lay life far, be opposite with the intellectual of the society direct critically also be apart is further. So I feel to have two kinds of scholar: One kind is a thought model bookman, one kind is a scholar model bookman. Qian Zhongshu belongs to latter.
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