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Cling to gold and interpreter
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Read in holiday " Ba Jinbai year old China absurd souvenir Wen Cong " one of " collect of Ba Jinyi anthology " , deep feeling Ba Jinxian is born on literary interpreter to also be accomplished distinguished, but its " translated term " for " article name " place attack by surprise, a lot of people know him only is your work home, knowing him however also is big interpreter home.

Cling to golden collected works has more than 20 to coil, and translation complete works also has 10 to coil, on the amount absolutely not less than general interpreter homes, what is more,the rather that its quality is belonged to again excellent. Although a person did not go up the collected works of ten million word, only millions the interpret collected works of the word, the enormous contribution that also has been pair of literature careers then.

Ba Jinshen loves a language, love Chinese, also love a foreign language. He connects article of English, French, heart, Russian, Japanese and Esperanto. , he the novel that basis flower translation translated Er of Russia writer Jia to truly " signal " , the interpreter that began to accompany his literature to create from now on works. He basically translates Russia novel, biography and memoir, have Ke Lu among them of bubble spy gold " my biography " , of He Ercen " of the family Thespian " and " the past and after-thought " , of husband of Tu Ge Nie " Mu Mu " , " virgin land " , " father and child " , " Pu Ning and Babulin " with prose poem, of Gorky " prairie story and other " with literary memoir. His interpret a book often according to a variety of version, be like " father and child " used a kind of Russian original, moral character translation mixes 4 kinds flower translation.

With sincerity condescending and celebrated cling to gold is on the interpreter also very modest. Do not think like him oneself are a writer same, he also does not think he is interpreter home. He is more than had said, he " not perfectness a kind of foreign language " , " just know a bit fur " , " Russian degree does not cross elementary school " , he is " edge interpret edge learns " , the interpreter's process is the process of study, the work of his interpreter is him " teacher " , " the interpreter is to learn above all " , so he says he is " try interpret " .

He chooses the work interpreter that he loves only. The work of foreign elder writer moved his heart, he gets on emotional pour into in these work, he wants to tell his one's innermost thoughts and feelings through translation, will move the heart of more person, so although be " try interpret " , when he is rereaded, still feel excited, " move strongly my heart " , those have Fang Buddha the blood, heart that has the flesh, sentient writer is returned " jumpy on paper " .

His interpreter style is not belonged to " hard interpret " , do not belong to " dead dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed " , however fluent, natural, lifelike, abound feeling, be bordering on his own creation style. Russia literature translates a careless baby to say, cling to golden translation already lifelike devoteds to again textual, the short story of Gorky of his place interpret up to now " nobody can give its right " . Gao Mang says, ba Jinyi article " the language is very beautiful " , show " the lasting appeal of origianl work " . For example, gorky and cling to the scenery that gold describes prairie evening so:
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