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Those who regard an interpreter as the home cling to gold
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In the big entrance of literary house, have a granite megalith, two sides of positive and negative is being engraved respectively cling to two paragraphs of old sayings, having among them is: “ the literature that our new literature is diffuse kindling, I get warmth from it, also express anger to others. ” Lu Xun ever compared interpreter home do a Prometheus, say to translate the home to upright the literary work interpret of different region to native reader, as the Prometheus belong to celestial kindling to come out secretly formerly, send the mankind.

Because fire is,symbolize illuminatively, the bavin of not only firewood that it ignites, still have wisdom, the flesh and blood of the not only animal that it thoroughlies cook, still have human civilization.

New literature, with Liang Shiqiu for the word not without the extreme, it is the foreign literature that writes with Chinese; Because the theme of new literature, stylistic, style is outer country,shape, this has the concern of blindly follow sb with the Chinese interpret of foreign literature. Inchoate new literature writer is interpreter home at the same time almost, lu Xun and cling to gold is to translate everybody more. The total word number that Lu Xun lifetime produces is about 7 million, total word number of the interpreter is adjacent at this number; Ba Jinyi is unripe wrote on ten million word, interpret millions word. Visible, the literary career that is translated in them and literature make the weight that go up. Of course, interpreter (include themselves with other) the meaning is more than of course at heft. The interpreter helped them acquire new idea, new measure and new language move, make they are on Chinese the literary world open up a luxuriantly green and fecund new scope of operation.

Lu Xun and Ba Jindou know well greatly foreign language, and not only a kind, the foreign language that Ba Jinzhang grasps quite well has article of English, French, heart, Russian, Japanese and Esperanto to wait. They ever were in foreign school direct attend school, in the work that can read foreigner directly, thing that assimilates foreigner; But their great depend on, they are enjoyed in oneself while, still do not forget an elegant foreign literature is delicate turn dish of make it Chinese, the literary parasite that carries the China that rumbles to empty stomach altruisticly. They think, the interpreter has a loud cry likewise, call, set an example, illuminative the function with revolution, can be the same as day with creation and language. So, they kiss automatic hand, sacrifice creates time preciously, translated a large number of work. Their interpreter not only the creation as close as flesh and blood with themselves, and, the their coetaneous interpreter that passes them just about with the writers later understands and acquired a lot of outstanding foreign civilization achievement. The development of this modern to China society has inestimable sense. Such interpreter original intention, in today's interpreter home, it is infrequent.
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