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Lin Shu draws an affair
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Lin Shu, south word musical instrument, date Wei cottage, was born in Fujian Fujian county 1852 (today Fuzhou) , a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties between Guang Xunian. He goes up in our country mordern history, with Lin Yi the novel is reached object new culture moving and famed at history, but his painting refined taste, little-known however.
He begins when 20 years old at the same time teach learns a picture at the same time, the division after 3 years learns from person of hill of old stone bump art, 26 years old or so, attainment is profound. Entered capital 1901, be in Beijing division university early or late hall, a place teaching such as university of annals middle school, Kong Jiao, be on Beijing always smooth temple Lin Zhai. Set brushstroke room, the left and right sides sets one table each, left falls high to costal region, standing to make a picture; Desk of right general almanac, sitting interpret is written civil. His do several jobs in the same time, sit establish adventitious, absolutely little in one's leisure time, arm one brandish, silver dollar billow. Play of old stone involuntary discharge of urine call its room “ mint ” . And see him 1921 profit pattern, be like 5 feet hall 28 yuan. Be in in those days the Chen Duxiu monthly pay of Beijing University 300 yuan, hu Kuo also has 200 yuan only, a yuan of Yin Yang is folded about at that time now RMB 50 yuan.
Although such, maintain the person that agree to still be begged to be filled with the door, it is a public figure more. He passes for draw of river spring continuous heavy rain " plum Yang Guiyin pursues " ; Pass for health promising draw " careless hall of 10 thousand wood pursues " ; For Yan Fu draw passes " book of honour doubt interpret pursues " . But he does not grant whatever is requested, if act according to a war the 2nd times to erupt that year continuously, just meet Wu Peifu 51 years old of birthday, piece gigantic endowment ask Lin Shu draw one life plan, suffer rebuff. Although Lin Shu atelier has mint say, but he arrives dead still hold the bag. What reason is this? Still let him himself come unlock is confused this. Widow of close old Gu waits for “ feed much, hill person does not have plan Nai he why. Do not add picture embellish to divide He Run, sit listen to be hungry cold what to make. So his earning draws ” endowment all generous scanty ability, of aid person went urgently.
Brushwork is the path that he fends not merely, the spirit that basically is him more is placed. The world of reputation of his one's early years, old age smalls boat to be gone aground to be on beach by the tide of the times like one leaf however, let a person forget. He has poetic him picture the state of mind at that time, “ the west lake fills former days Liu Weng, do not heat up because of the person not the book is empty. Often will sell a picture Chang'an city, deride and taunt by his ear half deaf ” .
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