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Cling to the literary banner that gold dies: 10 thousand words of?300 of of tan
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Highest state of literature is not to have skill, it is the accord of literature and person, that is to say wants consistent, should agree what the writer does in the life with what write in work, want the moral quality of project oneself, do not conceal oneself heart. —— cling to gold

Career is almost perforative and whole of 20 centuries cling to gold, ever was the navigation mark of how many acting youth and motivation. Love and hate, tear and blood, human nature, conscience, cordial, it is Ba Jinxian what the write like unripe monument and expression of its humanness place come out is the brightest idiosyncratic with fundamental key. Cling to masterpiece of golden novel, essay, had become 20 centuries China one of humanitarian sceneries of the richest vigor with treasury.

In May 1923, 19 years old cling to gold follows elder brother Yao Lin leaves Sichuan old home, arrange by ship river and below, arrive at Shanghai. After 4 years, he is gone to again France. Walk out of Sichuan and going abroad is Ba Jinren's unripe two great transitions. The first his novel " ruined " write in French Paris namely.

[the letter is handwritten " ruined " enter the literary world]

Be in Paris, ba Jinyuan wants to learn economy originally, but an accidental opportunity, he wins the work of the literary Great Master such as Tuoersitai, Baerzake, Qihefu, Zun La at a draught, after eagerly ground is read, he was touched deeply. About " ruined " writing, cling to gold writes later: “ every night returns hotel in, I rested a little tired body, fired gas stove, the tea that boil will drink. Then the ding of Parisian goddess courtyard rang, heavily is hit on my heart. The memory that goes in such environment continues to torment me. The love that I think of to that goes and hate, distress and joy, have a rough time and sympathize with, hope and struggle, I think of everything that past, the heart resembles be being cut by the knife painful, the intense blaze that that cannot extinguish fiercely upblaze. To comfort this one doleful young heart, I begin a bit thing that gets me from the life to be written down. Listening to the ding of goddess courtyard at the same time every night, I write the thing of similar novel on exercise-book at the same time, such is in in March I am written into " ruined " before 4 chapters. ”

" ruined " be cling to the first novelette of gold, recommend those who was published 1929 to publish by Xie Shengtao " novel monthly magazine " on. At that time " novel monthly magazine " already was the literary periodical that the whole nation has good reputation most. Cling to gold enters the literary world from now on.

[" spring dream " change without mark " lotic " ]

Cling to of gold " " the earliest conception is in at him the day of French part-work and part-study system. He is the series novel that read Zun La " Lu tribute - Ma Jiaer family " later, cai Meng was born to invent the idea of the novel that oneself of a depict lives. The earliest he cries for the name since this novel " spring dream " .
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