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The 懷 of ─ of a milepost ─ that article 學 turns over 譯 history reads aloud
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This year is me the article 學 that 國 現 acting 傑 gives turns over Home 譯 Fu Lei (1898 ─ ─ 1966) celestial bodies of 100 years of 誕. Answer 58 years of 顧 Fu Lei's rough life, he is in turn over 論 of 評 of 藝 of 譯, beautiful 術, article to wait for 諸 many sided, 給 after person stayed the 產 of culture spirit 遺 with rich 豐, among them most of precious 貴, nature is 譯 領 region crosses in article 學. 應 該 how Where is the achievement turning over 譯 of 評 價 Fu Lei? Look according to me, if 說 forest 紓 is a milestone that recent article 學 crosses 譯 history, that 麼 Fu Lei is another milestone that 學 of 現 Dai Wen crosses 譯 history. 這 the 諸 much written language that the 蘊 on milepost contains, remain Fu Lei a 來 solves the person that study 學 讀, and I, just the 領 in 從 of 膚 淺 ground is realized gave 3 the following 話 .

One, remarkable success turning over 譯

Fu Lei turns over 譯 all one's life famous book of 43 article 學, the 譯 in each 種 travel of this tired 計 發 is close 1000 萬 冊 . With respect to 講 of 來 of 學 of article of 國 of interpose 紹 law, 數 turning over 譯 measures, the 鮮 of 譯 article characteristic bright, what 譯 makes shadow 響 is big, up to now 無 person can go his right. 實 of law 國 現 advocate the 興 of 義 article 學 rises, ever in world article the 產 on 學 history gives birth to major film 響 , in the 讀 of 國 person, be the 譯 筆 of the home turning over 譯 such as benefit Wu Fulei, receive 觸 and 領 to arrive slightly cling to the 曠 life famous work of the law 國 a person of academic or artistic distinction such as 爾 Za Ke. Special 別 is in new in what 國 holds water is inchoate, in 當 時 " one 邊 falls " below the 環 border that basically crosses 譯 to publish 蘇 Russian 學, a 現 of work of 學 of article of 國 of teach 譯 law, the 讀 of the 國 in making person in the 場 of city of 書 of article 學 圖 in 單 調, 難 got 聞 to arrive one 點 is multivariate the 氣 of culture ceases, accepted the edification of world 優 beautiful culture more or less. An excellent work of 學 of 從 world article is able to be in in 國 傳 sows 來 講, teach thunder result cannot be done not have.

More 難 can but of 貴 is, fu Lei turns over what place of 譯 實 踐 forms to turn over 譯 觀 with his, 豐 became rich in the 論 of manage turning over 譯 of 國 . His eye with historian of beautiful 術 of him 獨 some, 認 為 " 當 of 應 turning over 譯 resembles one 樣 of 臨 畫 , what beg be absent be similar in shape, and be in alike in spirit " , " the Chinese 寫 that 彿 of ideal 譯 article Fang is former writer is made " . Advocate character of 張 兩 種 wants " get its choice and forget its are thick, outside forgetting its in its 內 " , before 強 調turns over 譯, should " 將 original work (連 is waited a moment with 調of atmosphere of thought, feeling, 氣 , affection) change 為 I have " , " 譯 thing should repair 養 為 with 藝 術 essential " . His 還 is special 別 put forward " style or manner of writing sheds 暢 , the 豐 that use a word is rich, colour 變 is changed " the beautiful 學 requirement of article of the 譯 that make 為 , the formal 對 應 of word of liberal Wu Wen, advocate 張 " 採 uses western 長 sentence, 創 is built in 國 語 character, add 變 of much 語 law to change " , " 譯 article needs the Chinese of pure of 須 為 純 , the disease of 無 curt awkward-sounding " . because of 為 the 這 of article of his 對 譯 some 處 manages, formed the division of 風 turning over 譯 with special 獨 , down to by 為 of 譯 bound 譽 " character of 語 of article of 華 of Fu Lei 體 " .
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