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Heart of a sincere China
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Heart of a sincere China

—— writes down Han Suyin of authoress of flower book foreign citizen of Chinese origin

Zu Ding is far

Reading new book of Han Suyin, can remember Han Suyin.

Two years, french culture ministry grants ” of knight of literature of “ of Chinese writer Han Suyin the title. Obtain 3 Chinese of this one honor, additional 2 are cling to gold, Ying Chen. Sound of element of its Sino-South Korean and Ying Chen are world-renowned authoress.

Ren midday early spring season, famous Ying Jihua descendantses sound of authoress Han element, in leave Beijing to answer eve of mulberry of Swiss the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, she pen-and-ink Chinese epigraph sends a core that use charcoal Pan Jie of director of garden of creation of literature of the balcony at the beginning of Hangzhou. Han Suyin's epigraph is employ a paragraph of word of Mao Dun of Chinese well-known writer: “ has bamboo only in that way modest, cowhide is in that way close pliable but strong, blaze is in that way enthusiastic, ability generation gives real skill. ”

This authoress of celebrated world why does ground of silk floss continous give affection Hangzhou epigraph of garden of creation of literature of Chu Yang stage? Why is she opposite bud this by Zhejiang writer Pan Jie, Jin Leifang's couple contributive establish, belong to run by the local people numerous aid a gender.

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