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Mr. Yang Xianyi 23 deaths the legendary life of famous translation
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Yang Xianyi (1915 ~ 2009) well-known translator of foreign literature experts, cultural historian and poet. Xuyi native of Anhui Province (this is Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province) Baoji Zhen Liang set the village, was born in Tianjin. According to autobiographical "memory leak then ship the wine," he was born in Tiger in the winter months XXVII (that is the Gregorian calendar January 10, 1915, the lunar calendar November 27, 1914). In 1934 the Church of England school in Tianjin, the new graduate School of the University of Oxford Merton College to study ancient Greek and Roman literature, medieval French literature and English literature. War with the Shuxiang, and other friends in London to reach overseas for national salvation in the work, published in Chinese newspapers. Home office in 1940, Associate Professor of Chongqing University. 1941-1942 Guiyang of Guizhou Normal University English Department, 1942-1943 term Chengdu Guanghua University English professor, after 1943, Beibei, Chongqing and Nanjing in any compilation of Compilation and Translation, Beibei, Chongqing in 1947 when the cultural and historical research written by Post Editor into a collection by the former Lu (Hebei field) named "zero ink new 笺" is the "new China Series" kind. Later, during the liberation and wrote a number, after the liberation in 1949, this part of the compiled after writing a set of 100 copies printed at their own expense, called "zero ink memo added." In the June 1983 Joint Press the "zero ink new 笺" and "zero ink memo added," out of a book together called "translation I even picked up" printing 9500. Beijing Foreign Languages Press in 1953, transferred to translation experts, Ms. Zeng Yu Gladys (British scholar of Chinese culture) co-translation of classical Chinese novel "stories for Wei," "Legend of Tang Dynasty election," "Song Mingping stories for words" "Ghost Story election," all of the "Scholars", all the "Dream of Red Mansions", are successively by the Beijing Foreign Languages Publishing House. Early sixties, Yang and his wife Gladys began to translate "Dream of Red Mansions", during which had been interrupted, the last in 1974 and completed in 1978 and 1980 in three volumes published by the Foreign Languages Press, asked the title "ADreamofRedMansions . " Translation of the above are well received abroad, and have a wider impact. University of Hong Kong in 1993 an honorary doctorate.

Autobiographical writing in English, "Bai Huxing according to life", Italian translation of the title "Master from the wealthy to the party members", the Chinese translation of "memory leak then ship the wine", in April 2001 by the Beijing October Literature and Art Publishing House as a " Century Life Series "published in translation when Xue Hong, printing 10,000.

Other works as well as "Yin Qiao Set"

"Translation I even picked up" in the May 2006 second edition printed by the Shandong Pictorial Publishing House 6000.

Since the book works:

New Mexico Annotation zero (Essays) 1947, Zhonghua Book Company

New Mexico Annotation zero (Essays) in 1950 from India

Red Eyebrows Army (novella) 1957, China Children's Publishing House

Translation I even picked up (Essays) 1983, Joint Publishing



Travels (Novel) 1947, Nanjing independent publishers

Modern British poetry, 1948, Zhonghua Book Company

Lament (Chu) and Gladys joint translation, 1953, Foreign Languages Press

Qu Yuan (Drama) and Gladys joint translation, 1953, Foreign Languages Press

Fable and Gladys Yang Xuefeng joint translation,, 1953, Foreign Languages Press

Tang Legend and Gladys joint translation, 1954, Foreign Languages Press

Wang Gui and Li Xiang Xiang (poetry) is a joint translation and Dai, 1954, Foreign Languages Press

White-Haired Girl (Opera) and Gladys joint translation, 1954, Foreign Languages Press

Palace of Eternal Youth (Drama) and Gladys joint translation,, 1955, Foreign Languages Press

Lu Xun Selected Works (Volume 1-4) and Gladys joint translation, 1956, Humanities Press

Song Mingping election if joint translation with Gladys,, 1956, Foreign Languages Press

The Scholar (novel) and Gladys joint translation, 1957, Humanities Press

Pastoral (poetry) 古罗马维吉尔 the, 1957, Humanities Press

Six Dynasties fiction, and Gladys joint translation, 1958, Foreign Languages Press

Guan Hanqing election and Gladys joint translation, 1958, Foreign Languages Press

阿里斯多芬 comic book of two ancient Greek 阿里斯多芬, 1959, Humanities Press

Geocentric Journey (novel) Jules Verne, the French, with the smell when the Qing joint translation, 1959, Foreign Languages Press

History of Chinese Fiction (Literary History) and Gladys joint translation, 1959, Foreign Languages Press

New Stories (short stories) and Gladys joint translation, 1961, Foreign Languages Press

Weeds (Miscellaneous Works) and Gladys joint translation,, 1976, Foreign Languages Press

Dream of Red Mansions (1-3 copies) and Gladys joint translation, 1978-1980, Foreign Languages Press

Records selected and Gladys joint translation, 1979, Foreign Languages Press

Odysseus Ji (Epic) Homer the ancient Greek, 1979, Translation Publishing House

Scream (Miscellaneous Works) and Gladys joint translation, 1981, Foreign Languages Press

Wandering (Miscellaneous Works) and Gladys joint translation, 1981, Foreign Languages Press

Three excerpts from classic novels and Gladys joint translation, 1981, "Chinese Literature" magazine

Ghost Story Story Selection and Gladys joint translation, 1981, "Chinese Literature" magazine

Pygmalion (Drama) George Bernard Shaw, the United Kingdom, 1982, China Translation and Publishing Corporation

Waiting for three 古罗马普劳图斯 Roman Comedy, 1985, China Drama Press

Six Dynasties Poetry Selection and Gladys joint translation, 1986, "Chinese Literature" magazine

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