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Guo Xiaoyong visits Colombia to save interpreter association
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On June 6 morning, chinese interpret assist group of Guo Xiaoyong of standing deputy director general goes inning of standing vice-chairman, foreign language before 4 people Canada Wengehua, visited congress of the 16th interpreter sponsors square Canada not to list bump • Colombia to save interpreter association, a matters concerned such as exam of qualification of the preparatory job that both sides translates congress with respect to the 18th world, interpreter, Training Within Industry undertook communicating.

The chairman before Colombian province translates association Ms. Xin Zhifen and enthusiasm of Chinese ministry minister Ms. Chen Leying welcomed group of Guo dawn brave. Guo Xiaoyong introduced the 18th world to translate congress to prepare working case to the other side above all: At present the amount exceeded the country of number signing up, delegate and area amount, national paper to go to greatly; Congress gist spokesman, the topic that assigns forum, showing number and compere decide basically already, meeting Wu arrangement is fulfilled basically already also. Laborious lady translates the working experience of congress according to holding 16, register in the conference, meeting Wu arrangement, sudden incident deals with, compere make choice of, news is released and the proposal that the respect such as the travel after the meeting offerred cogency and opinion congratulate beforehand the 18th world to translate congress consummation.

Both sides is added to all express to will want to continue to strengthen henceforth in communicate, promotional communicating, undertake be discussed further and communicating in the domain such as interpreter qualification exam, Training Within Industry especially, mutual study draws lessons from good experience, seek more cooperative opportunities.

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