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Common Sense Advisory releases 2005 year this locality to change an industry 20
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Common Sense Advisory, inc. , an independent globalization, internationalization, this locality is changed, interpreter industry survey and advisory company, released North America and orgnaization of European language service at present 20 strong list. Rank with 2005 finance year to allow, include Lionbridge, SDL International and Hewlett-Packard ACG. Welocalize and Skrivanek also enter this list first, discharge respectively 19 are mixed in 18.

“ last year of language industry amalgamative with buy an activity to involve amount to amount to 500 million 4 1000 5 1 million dollars, ”the survey of Common Sense Advisory is in charge of the Tang Dynasty? Depama (Don DePalma) say. Of “Lionbridge and SDL bought an activity to change situation of this one market significantly, make translate company and business of independent software development (ISV) wait for the development plan that begins to consider oneself, amalgamative with buy an activity, of course, still have exit the strategy. ”

Estimation of Common Sense Advisory, language of the bag outside the whole world served market amount to amount to 8.8 billion dollar 2005, press year all increase rate 7.5% computation, will amount to 9 billion dollar 2006, will amount to 12 billion dollar 2010.
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