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Secretary-general of international interpret couplet thanks Li to translate the
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The Global Translation Sector: Past And Present
Sheryl Hinkkanen, FIT Secretary General

Mr. Liu Xiliang, president Of TAC,
Fellow Speakers And Distinguished Guests,
Esteemed Colleagues,

It Is A Great Honor And A Pleasure To Be Here Today. Peter Krawutschke, president Of FIT, sends His Most Cordial Best Wishes And The Entire FIT Council Expresses Sincere Congratulations On This Fine Event. I Also Bring Warm Greetings From The New Acquaintances In Finland That Many Of You Made Last Summer During The FIT World Congress.

SLIDE: Topics Of This Talk
In My Talk I Will Present Some Statistics About Volumes And Growth In The Translation Sector Within The Past Few Years, at The Global And Regional Levels. I Will Then Describe Some Of The Recent Development Trends That Have Culminated In The Creation Of New Standards For The Translation Sector. Finally, I Will Briefly Introduce The New Draft European Standard For Translation Services.

It Is Not Easy To Get Reliable, comparable Statistics About The Translation Sector. There Are Major Discrepancies In How Statistics Are Kept From One Country To The Next. There Are Also Great Differences In How The Translation Sector Is Organized In Different Countries. For Example, in Some Countries There Are Many Freelancers Who Fall Outside The Scope Of National Statistics Because As Self-employed Professionals They Are Not Considered "companies" By The National Statistics Keepers.

Since There Are No Reliable Global Statistics, the Best Information Sources Are Market Analyses, studies Done By Public And Private Research Institutions, and The Translation Industry Itself. For This Talk I Have Drawn Statistics From Several Sources Generally Thought To Be Reliable, including The European Commission, allied Business Intelligence, inc. And Common Sense Advisory, inc. , both Of The USA, as Well As From Recent Conference Presentations.

SLIDE: Breakdown Of Global Translation Market, million USD
(Allied Business Intelligence, inc. USA)
The First Thing To Note From This Slide Is The Size Of The Global Market. At An Estimated
11.6 Billion US Dollars In 1999 And 16.1 Billion US Dollars In 2004, the Translation Sector Is An Important Player At The Global Level, and The Sector Is Growing. The Total Increase In The Value Of The Global Translation Market During This Five-year Period Came To 40% . Since Translation Rates Have Not Increased Much During The Period, the Increase Represents True Growth In The Global Translation Market.

The Corresponding Figures For Human Translation, which Means Work Done By Professional Translators, were 7.6 Billion US Dollars In 1999 And 9.3 Billion US Dollars In 2004.

A Very High Growth Rate, just Under 75% , was Seen For Software Localization, which Rose From 3 Billion US Dollars To 5.2 Billion US Dollars At The Global Level. This Growth Rate Reflects The Increasing Use Of Computers Running Software In Local Languages.
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