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Hong Kong interpreter learns lion ball to teach foundation to translate research
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Hong Kong interpreter learns to cheat lion ball to teach foundation assistance, at 2005 to roll out between 2008 " interpreter of foundation of education of ball of lion of society of Hong Kong interpreter studies exhibition " , annual quota of people, amount is Hongkong dollar 10, 000 yuan, land of the home in granting publicly, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan go to school only of government office register a graduate student to attend (Master or doctoral student; Qualification with signing up vogue is obtained not formally promulgate award research degree to be accurate) , thereby praises the graduate student that there is outstanding show in interpreter respect, drive an interpreter to study the development of course.

The application date of expiration of this year fellowship is on June 30, 2008. Welcome to go up only each the school registers graduate student application. Fellowship detailed rules and application form can download at the following webpage and copy: Http://

If have doubt, of the mail that ask report and Dr. Chen Jieying (Dr. Elsie Chan) contact.

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